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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Tomorrow starts my 80th year - Davis

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Greenmeat - Posted - 09/26/2019:  18:31:32

Today was the end of my 79th year -- tomorrow stars my 80th year. I was born this day in 1940 -- just 10 t0 12 years after my favorite Satchmo and Miss Lil wrote and recorded my favorite music. This song "P.S. I love you" is the kind of song I like to write both the music and the lyric. The harmonies I play here is what I like about this kind of music. I feel like I've come a long way from riding horses on the "Banks Of The Wabash" river to living behind the Grand Theatre "Carnegie Hall". I hope you enjoy me doing my kind of music. Here's to another 80.

Banjoista8N - Posted - 09/26/2019:  18:56:34

Happy Birthday Eddy!
You are the best!

dmiller - Posted - 09/26/2019:  18:59:32

Here's wishing you a happy 80th birthday, and many more!

JHook - Posted - 09/26/2019:  19:00:13

Happy birthday, I enjoy everything you post, thank you!

Brian Murphy - Posted - 09/26/2019:  19:19:57

Please keep posting. Love your stuff. Happy birthday!  Love the bio video

Edited by - Brian Murphy on 09/26/2019 19:28:55

L50EF15 - Posted - 09/26/2019:  19:32:56

Happy Birthday, Eddy! Keep on keeping on! It’s inspiring to hear your playing.

Alvin Conder - Posted - 09/26/2019:  19:34:35

Happy Birthday.

What a blessing to reach a solid age and still have some serious music chops.

Greenmeat - Posted - 09/27/2019:  02:26:01

Thanks all you wonderful people -- Rudy, I've got to get down and hear you. -- Thank goodness Chops and MIND are still hanging in there. Here's some more info about "P.S. I Love You". It's interesting to me that Dylan put out that album of "American Song Book ballads" a few years ago. This tune was on it. Eddy "The Manhattan Minstrel" Davis

"The Manhattan Minstrel" Eddy Davis playing and singing one of the GREAT Songs of all time. It was written in1934 by the great "String Writer" Gordon Jenkins and the wonderful Lyricist Johnny Mercer. It has been recorded by Billie Holiday ( her father Charles Holiday played the Banjo), Frank Sinatra and just last week I was watching the Film "For The Boys" starring Bette Midler and she "sang the Pants Off" this great tune. AND the very popular Bob Dylan put out an Album in 2017 called "Triplicate" which contained the terrific song. Davis is performing on his Custom OME 12" head -- 17 fret Neck Tenor Banjo.

malarz - Posted - 09/27/2019:  05:14:22

Forever Young, Eddy! I want to be you!


majesty - Posted - 09/27/2019:  05:27:33

Happy Birthday, Eddy! You sound great, as usual. "P.S. I Love You" is a great song. It was also recorded in 1953 by the Hilltoppers, one of my favorite versions.

Tractor1 - Posted - 09/27/2019:  05:47:44

wow Eddy one you are failing at is getting old..You defy your age by decades.

Helix - Posted - 09/27/2019:  07:12:24

I was born in that decade, too. You're just Santa with a shave. Don't look down and don't look back. Fun, huh?


raybob - Posted - 09/27/2019:  07:35:38

Happy Birthday Eddy!

Ancient - Posted - 09/27/2019:  07:48:42

Happy Birthday, Eddy! Enjoy your special day!

Edited by - Ancient on 09/27/2019 07:49:10

Laurence Diehl - Posted - 09/27/2019:  08:32:36

A great song for sure! Congrats on passing the milestone Eddy - you're an institution!

guitarbanjoman - Posted - 09/27/2019:  09:32:14

Happy birthday, Eddie!

And remember, age 80 is still not too late to switch to plectrum tuning!


JRay136 - Posted - 09/27/2019:  09:40:06

Happy Birthday Eddy! What an inspiration you are! Hope I can still be playing so beautifully at 80! Thanks for all you do!
Your pal,
Jack Ray

hobogal - Posted - 09/27/2019:  11:04:21

Happy Birthday Eddy - I can't believe you are eighty! The fingers are still nimble. Thanks for the inspiration.

stanjmullaney - Posted - 09/27/2019:  16:58:36


TenorFiend - Posted - 09/27/2019:  17:29:12

Happy birthday, Eddy. Enjoy!

Appalachian - Posted - 09/28/2019:  04:42:03

Happy Birthday Eddy.

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 09/28/2019:  07:44:34

You are proof that 80 is the new 60. Looking and sounding great.
Live long and prosper.

diggerdave - Posted - 09/28/2019:  08:49:45

Hey, I'm catching up. Tomorrow I'll be 79. Fighting like hell to be able to play the 5 string Scruggs. Also the mandolin.
I started music at 71. Never picked up an instrument. Tried fiddle; at 17 maybe - at 71 not! Went to tenor banjo then mandolin and on to Scruggs. How are you getting along with the playing?

DC5 - Posted - 09/28/2019:  09:23:17

Happy Birthday Eddy, sorry I'm a couple days late. Love your rendition of P.S. I love you. You make that banjo sing. I'll catch up to you in 12 years, and I hope you are still inspiring me then too. Best wishes as you begin your second 80.

Dgbectrum - Posted - 09/29/2019:  07:17:24

Thanks for your music

NYCJazz - Posted - 09/29/2019:  12:27:10

Happy birthday Eddy!

I'm planning on visiting NYC soon... I hope to see your smiling face!

SunnylandBob - Posted - 09/30/2019:  19:33:46

Belated but nonetheless sincerest wishes for more decades of inspiration from one of my great banjo mentors - Eddy Ray!! Always one of the most unique banjo stylists to be found. As a teenager at the first Long Island Banjo Spectacular show, hearing Eddy play Fletcher Henderson's "Stampede" as a banjo solo was an epiphany for me. Years later, the first time I brought my wife Sherrie to hear Eddy & meet him at the Cajun in NYC, she immediately quipped on the first tune "Oh so THAT'S who really influenced your playing!!!" Thank you forever, my banjo friend!!

Compass56 - Posted - 10/01/2019:  11:17:25

Happy birthday to the swingingest banjo player I’ve ever heard.

Explorer - Posted - 10/02/2019:  04:33:43

Happy birthday, friend! You've really expanded my horizons, and
I'm sure I'm not the only happy beneficiary of you generosity. Thank you!

CGDA - Posted - 10/02/2019:  06:08:52

Happy Birthday Maestro Eddy! Your 80's are well played and sung years. Your delicate, gentle and sensitive character is the same of your music. Your artistry and and good taste should inspire every banjo player. heart

Compass56 - Posted - 10/02/2019:  09:09:10

Happy Birthday to the swingingest banjo player ever!

Tony L.

The “ever” is correct.  

Edited by - Compass56 on 10/02/2019 09:10:25

maryzcox - Posted - 10/03/2019:  15:03:55

Happy happy birthday to you :)

Don't you think the senior division of banjo & fiddle contests should start at 80 instead of 60 ? Or at least 70? Letting everyone in at 60 is sooo ridiculous--there are so many whippersnappers out there that are turning 60 --its just not fair to make the real seniors compete with them :)

Best wishes,

Mary Z Cox


Ag_econ_man - Posted - 10/04/2019:  03:22:21


Happy belated birthday!

Thanks for all the great videos you post.


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