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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Nylon strings on a tenor

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britcarfan - Posted - 09/26/2019:  11:06:15

Has anyone tried nylon strings on a tenor. If yes what gauges would be used. I tried classical guitar strings but they’re to thick for the tail piece.

G Edward Porgie - Posted - 09/26/2019:  12:16:19

There have been several discussions concerning nylon strings on a tenor. It's been pretty well decided that nylon will break at the proper gauge and tension required to tune to the "A" string of a tenor banjo.

It's conceivable that nylon could work with Celtic tuning, GDAE.

pasdimo - Posted - 09/26/2019:  12:50:34

I tried nylon strings on a tenor only for C and G strings (classical guitar srings) because the sound was to bright. It sounded good but the strings were too soft and sliding under my fingers, difficult to control and bad feel. Then I didn't persist.

csacwp - Posted - 09/26/2019:  15:37:04

I've successfully done it in GDAE. For the E you will need something like a .016'' and even then it will be close to breaking. The tone is brighter than what one gets with steel strings.

britcarfan - Posted - 09/26/2019:  19:57:00

I may give it a try in GDAE tuning. I’ve got a Gibson in that tuning now maybe it’s time to put it on standard tuning.

Mike Floorstand - Posted - 09/30/2019:  14:03:45

It works in GDAE tuning but helps if you can find somewhere to order nylon strings by gauge. Here in the UK we have andybanjo 

I used to have a 20" scale with 24/32/28W/40W in GDAE, go thinner if your scale is longer.

janpentz - Posted - 09/30/2019:  20:34:40

If you tune Chicago style get a set of Aquila reds or classic banjo strings and use the 4th to 1st string. Tune great. I play a Vega and a Bacon plectrum. These are the strings I use. You can also use Baritone Ukulele strings.

Veerstryngh Thynner - Posted - 10/12/2019:  03:06:00

I tried nylon strings on a CGDA tenor banjo. Two classical guitar strings (wound), a ukulele string, and a length of nylon string from a DIY shop.  To avoid A string breakage,  I tuned my instrument Bb, F, C, G. 

The two classical guitar strings were great, on tenor. The other two not at all.  And strumming all four strings sounded  really crap.


Veerstryngh Thynner

Edited by - Veerstryngh Thynner on 10/12/2019 03:07:51

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