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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: "Never leave Harlan Alive" key?

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Mooning Duck - Posted - 09/23/2019:  04:43:30

Can anyone of you identify the musical key that
Patty Loveless' "Never Leave Harlan Alive" ?
Closest on my harmonic(s) is Ab
-Mooning Duck

janolov - Posted - 09/23/2019:  07:10:05

Test They say it is Gm in this recording: but there are some major chords involved.

OldBlindGuy - Posted - 09/23/2019:  07:21:21

The chorus is in a straight-forward Bb. The verses appear to be in Gm. As Jan stated, there are also some major chords in the verses. I would suspect that some of the notes in the verses will require bending to achieve.

janolov - Posted - 09/23/2019:  07:49:58

There are also some chords here:, but that source seem to prefer Em.

Edited by - janolov on 09/23/2019 07:50:43

eagleisland - Posted - 09/23/2019:  07:51:40

Is there a special reason you want the key that Loveless sang it in?

Reason being: Darrel Scott, the chap that wrote the song, actually wrote it in Dm, resolving to F (Dm being the relative minor of F). Brad Paisley sang it there, too.

Loveless no doubt sang it where she did because it was more comfortable for her (Lester generally had the Foggy Mountain Boys tune about a half-step up because that's where he liked to sing).

If you (or your singer) feels comfortable singing it where Loveless did, it makes perfect sense to use that key. Otherwise, the singer always gets to choose the key.

Mooning Duck - Posted - 09/24/2019:  03:27:13

Mr. Skip King:
Thank you for your insight. I understand and will mess
around with it in Dm/F. -Mooning Duck

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