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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Paramount banjo with oversized resonator flange

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guitarbanjoman - Posted - 09/02/2019:  15:37:22

Ever since seeing photos like these...

I want Santa Claus to bring me one of these lovely Paramount banjos with the extra large flange!

I’ve never seen one of these in real life... has anybody here got one?


Lew H - Posted - 09/03/2019:  08:57:36

My Paramount had the ordinary sheet metal flange with round holes. Since the resonator was missing when I bought it, I took that part of the flange off.

CGDA - Posted - 09/03/2019:  12:02:47

I played a "Super Paramount" (that's its official name) owned by a friend of mine. I've been impressed by the beauty of that instrument, that has been produced in a small series and was/is very expensive.

CGDA - Posted - 09/03/2019:  12:06:10

Me with a Super Para.


guitarbanjoman - Posted - 09/03/2019:  17:14:22

Gorgeous instrument!

How did it sound, Marco? Extra volume?

CGDA - Posted - 09/04/2019:  11:50:35

Guitarbanjoman, that t.b. was restored by a well known american luthier: the instrument was looking like new, but didn't sound much better than the less expensive Paramounts, from Style 1 to style F. I suppose the setup was not perfect. Many pro's played the SuperP, in primis MiKe Pingitore, the banjost of the Paul Whiteman's orchestra. Here are two video I've found on YT:

MIke Pingitore takes a solo in this video

A modern banjoist plays a SuperP here:


stanger - Posted - 09/04/2019:  19:31:52

An old banjo man I knew in my youth called them the double-boiler Paramounts.

He liked 'em, and said he owned one for a long time. I've always thought they looked cool, but I've never seen on for real, and have never heard one for real. Wouldn't mind running across one sometime, just to see if they sound as cool as the look.

According to my guy, they were Paramount's answer to the Vega Vox and had a deeper, smoother tone than a regular Paramount.

John Gill - Posted - 09/09/2019:  00:31:57

I had a Super Paramount Artist several years ago. It came with 2 matching necks one tenor and the other plectrum. It was a spectacular and cool looking instrument but frankly didn't sound very good. At the time my other banjo was a Paramount F which was a much better sounding instrument. The Super I had was made in 1930 and the fingerboards were not extended. Another interesting thing on mine was that the necks didn't have dowel sticks, they bolted on so it was pretty easy to change necks. I did use it on a recording session once.
John Gill

guitarbanjoman - Posted - 09/09/2019:  05:40:10

Damn, John, that’s NOT the news I was hoping to hear!

But meanwhile, on the plus side, John, in another thread, Eddie Davis posted a recording of your band playing “Hot Lips” and may I say, sir, that it kicks ass!

Did you write the arrangement?

John Gill - Posted - 09/09/2019:  14:05:01

Hello Will
Yes that was my band "The Dixieland Serenaders" with Eddy on tenor banjo. We did 3 cd's for Stomp Off Records and I wrote all the arrangements based on original sheet music . I'm on trombone on these recordings along with a bunch of wonderful trad jazz musicians like Duke Heitger, Steve Pistorius, Hal Smith and Chris Tyle, etc. It was a fun band.
John Gill

guitarbanjoman - Posted - 09/09/2019:  18:27:19

I saw Duke playing with his dad’s band when he was about fourteen... Ray was an awesome clarinet player, and Duke is certainly following in his dad’s footsteps.

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