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 Playing Advice: 4-String (Jazz, Blues & Other Trad Styles)

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malarz - Posted - 08/08/2019:  04:55:48

Sorry for my ignorance and confusion on chord formations but what is the best way to form a C7b9 with no open strings to go into the Fm in Caravan? My fingers are crossed—literally!



Fathand - Posted - 08/08/2019:  05:35:18

Tenor or Plectrum?

Can you make a closed C or C7 Chord and slide it up to a C#. 2 strums each chord per bar. This makes effective backup for this tune which some chord charts just show a C chord.

malarz - Posted - 08/08/2019:  05:45:47

Sorry for not indicating. Tenor. I’ll try your suggestion. I’m playing in a brass band and usually I can’t be heard but I’d like it to sound right in my ears.

Fathand - Posted - 08/08/2019:  05:48:27


Originally posted by malarz

Sorry for not indicating. Tenor. I’ll try your suggestion. I’m playing in a brass band and usually I can’t be heard but I’d like it to sound right in my ears.

To be fair, the method given is what I use on a 5 string or a baritone uke tuned to open G and I play it in Cm but should have the same effect.

mmuussiiccaall - Posted - 08/08/2019:  06:15:55


Edited by - mmuussiiccaall on 08/08/2019 06:28:16

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 08/08/2019:  06:22:43

Hey Ken,
Eddy did a Caravan tutorial a while back. Check it out.

malarz - Posted - 08/08/2019:  06:36:02

Thanks, Mike. Good suggestion.

malarz - Posted - 08/08/2019:  07:00:11

Thanks to all of you for your help. After work tonight I’ll work on it.

Knows Picker - Posted - 08/08/2019:  08:13:44

No, no , no.

You are supposed to have a "work" banjo so that you can "work" on it during the day.

CGDA - Posted - 08/08/2019:  08:54:15

C7Bb9 on tb, no open strings.

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 08/08/2019:  09:11:57

The 7b9 is also a diminished chord so the shape that rick showed could be moved around to find any db note. Does that make sense? I guess the answer would partly depend on your f- voicing. Just my .02.

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 08/08/2019:  09:13:40

And I might add where you are going to next.

malarz - Posted - 08/08/2019:  10:08:23

Yes, makes sense. I originally was thinking of making that chord without the root just the b2 3 5 b7. That idea was getting me confused and tangling my fingers.

malarz - Posted - 08/10/2019:  05:22:16

Again, thanks to all who responded with advice and answers. I watched the video that Eddy Davis posted on his youtube channel about a year ago and along with your advice his video really helped clear up the harmonic accompaniment questions. If I scale back and simplify his chords I think that will be a good addition to the horns—whether or not if they actually hear me!


Compass56 - Posted - 08/15/2019:  16:00:56

Db diminshed will get you where you want to go.

mmuussiiccaall - Posted - 08/15/2019:  18:07:56


Originally posted by Compass56

Db diminished will get you where you want to go.

Yep, same chord with no C in the bass.

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