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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Backing Tracks!

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parlour player - Posted - 08/05/2019:  22:26:05

Hi Jazz cats!

Do you use them?

Any recommendations?

whats your views on them?

Fathand - Posted - 08/06/2019:  05:37:07

I have tried some on youtube when I find the ones that highlight the current chord.

Was trying Minor Swing

mmuussiiccaall - Posted - 08/06/2019:  07:09:00

thousands ready to go

cnsayer - Posted - 08/06/2019:  10:22:46

parlour player , I warmly welcome you to check out my play-along, "You're IN The Band." It is heavily endorsed, and has received rave reviews as well as a pile of unsolicited testimonials vouching that it's a super fun way to jam and learn. There's also a free download available on my website: If you have any questions about it, don't hesitate to drop me a line. And either way, happy jamming!

Edited by - cnsayer on 08/06/2019 10:23:49

Ryk - Posted - 08/06/2019:  11:52:36

Listen to the Lady. It's great!

Don Lewers - Posted - 08/07/2019:  17:45:23

PP, BackingTracks is my first search ..... all styles of music can be found, here's the link .....  Searching for a back up track by name on Google, can often be successful ..... and if all fails, I resort to plyin' my guitar, or BIABox!.

I love playin' along with a good backing track when recording .....  and for those players that have'nt played banjo much in band situations, I'd highly recommend  they practice, playing along with back up tracks ..... it keeps you honest!.  ..... Don.

Boogie Bogen - Posted - 08/08/2019:  22:49:27

If you're talking about performing with backing tracks, that's the absolute worst in my opinion. The sound of those midi drums playing swing is a joke. I've used irealbook to practice and I despise the cheesy sound. It can be helpful, but I'd rather play to recordings and use amazing slowdowner to adjust pitch and speed.

Cynthia's play-alongs are the best. They are the only ones that have ever sounded like music to me. They have great musicians and leave space for you to solo. I could go on and on about how great they are!

parlour player - Posted - 08/09/2019:  03:50:27

Hardy Boijen thanks for your input .
Also nice to hear you consider Cynthia's play alongs the best.having viewed Cynthia's you tube channel I tend to agree with you.

On A lighter note i found this on ...... How to play back tracks like a legend .........

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