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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: capo recommendation for a thick neck old time banjo

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Ragtimejoe - Posted - 07/29/2019:  08:14:30

I'm looking for a capo for a particularly thick Rickard open bank banjo. I have a C5 banjo capo that fits but just barely. I'd like to get a better fitting capo without spending $125 + for a custom made Elliot.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

steveh_2o - Posted - 07/29/2019:  08:25:33

This cheapo clip on from Amazon works fine on my home made club necks.

Ragtimejoe - Posted - 07/29/2019:  08:28:00

Certainly cheap enough to give it a try/ Thanks

Texaspaul - Posted - 07/29/2019:  08:36:32

I have a thick neck Ramsey & Companion Reconator and I have tried a bunch og banjo/Mandolin capos none are a great fit so I use a Shubb guitar capo. It is a little too large but doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the neck. I’ve thought about contacting Elliot capos to have a deep stirrup style made but it would be costly.

kevin c - Posted - 07/29/2019:  08:39:03

I had the same issue with one of my banjos. I bought a G7th performance banjo capo. It works quite well.

rudy - Posted - 07/29/2019:  12:03:30

Here's one for you:

Emiel - Posted - 07/29/2019:  12:06:31

I think the Shubb banjo capo might do. It can be adjusted to many neck thicknesses. It's a fine capo.

Mooooo - Posted - 07/29/2019:  12:07:36

You want to avoid the spring loaded/ pressure capos. They will pull your strings out of tune real quick. Get an adjustable one. I have been using the D'addario/Planet Waves NS Banjo/Mandolin Capo for about 5 years now, and it's still working great. Don't tighten it too much and it stays in tune. I have used The Schubb fine tune capo as well. They are both excellent capos and adjustable. But the Planet Waves is really inexpensive. Good luck.

Half Barbaric Twanger - Posted - 07/29/2019:  13:07:17

You might try a "Bill Russell" elastic capo. I always had to go to the shortest length adjustment on my banjos, and I suspect you could stretch the elastic a bit, or even add an extension if necessary. I never had trouble with these capos pulling the strings out of tune (there was always sufficient adjustment available), but eventually I fell in love with a Planet Waves NS and "Bill Russell" has been relegated to backup status backup.

Ragtimejoe - Posted - 07/29/2019:  13:54:40

Are you using the Planet Waves NS on a thick neck banjo?

DC5 - Posted - 07/29/2019:  13:58:27


Originally posted by rudy

Here's one for you:

The D'Addario capo works great on my Deering, but it pulls the strings to the side on my Rickard.  I'm having the same issues finding a capo that works.  

Ragtimejoe - Posted - 07/29/2019:  14:11:43

I called Rickard banjos and asked what they recommended. The person I spoke with uses a Shub C5. That's what I'm using now. Works but a tight fit. One person recommended a Shubb CK5. I send Shubb an e-mail asking if it was a larger size but haven't heard back yet.

Bill H - Posted - 07/29/2019:  14:36:28

I'm fan of the Planet Waves capo Rudy linked to. Simple, fits all my thick-neck Vegas.

Ragtimejoe - Posted - 07/29/2019:  14:40:49

I just ordered the Planet Waves. Cheap enough to give it a try. Thanks for the recommendation.

Bob in CT - Posted - 07/29/2019:  14:57:47

Check out the FretPaw capo. It opens up to about 1 and 1/8 inches.

darwinyarwin - Posted - 07/29/2019:  18:10:26

Old Hamilton capos. They were engineered for thicker necks, too. And you can find 'em cheap these days.


Edited by - darwinyarwin on 07/29/2019 18:12:26

JGraffrath - Posted - 07/29/2019:  18:22:55

Shubb 100%.
I once thought I lost my shubb. I cried. My Boss cried. My wallet cried.
When I found it I thought back to that old Travis Tritt saying.

It's a great day to be alive.

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