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PickinFool - Posted - 07/21/2019:  13:50:57

Haven’t purchased strings in a while, but now running low and need to purchase. Scruggs tunes with some easy melodic on occasion. Any recommendations brand, light, med light, medium; stainless, bronze, etc. I consider myself a beginner who should be at the intermediate stage of playing. Maybe if I would practice more? Anyhow, I play for my on enjoyment. Thanks for your help.

eMike - Posted - 07/21/2019:  13:57:13

It's hard to beat AMB Cryogenic strings. They are very reasonably priced and they last a long time.

1961brd - Posted - 07/21/2019:  14:03:04

oh no,! another strings conversation...this could take awhile.

OldBlindGuy - Posted - 07/21/2019:  14:12:27

If you like what you're using now, keep using them. If you don't like them, try something different.

PickinFool - Posted - 07/21/2019:  14:16:16

Ah! Nothing like sound advice from a fellow Texan!

kmwaters - Posted - 07/21/2019:  14:17:32

GHS has a few nice pkgs. of medium lights. I go to either Just Strings or Elderly Instruments to see their prices.

OldBlindGuy - Posted - 07/21/2019:  14:30:50

When I was deciding which strings I liked on which banjos, I found that Sweetwater offers free shipping, even on single sets.

ClawJam - Posted - 07/21/2019:  15:34:56

Best tasting strings you will ever can pick your gauges and your metal choices....

*Bonus tip: pronounced "Appuh-LATCH-in"  NOT "Appuh-LAY-shun".... come up in the hills and say the latter at your own risk.

The Old Timer - Posted - 07/21/2019:  16:14:18

I too like American Made Banjo. Available in quite an assortment of gauges that match anything else in the market. Not expensive. Good fast, personal service from owner Tom Mirasola.

Other than that, if I'm at a festival and need strings, I will tend to prefer GHS JD Crowe sets. They come in lighter "Studio" and just a little bit less light "Stage", and Sonny Osborne "Medium Lights". Those 3 sets cover any of my needs for open back or bluegrass.

jchipps_1 - Posted - 07/21/2019:  18:30:59

I tried some of these recently and like them.

If you're a beginner, you may benefit from lighter gauge strings since they're somewhat easier to fret than heavy gauge.

Just depends on the sound and feel you personally like.

Good Buddy - Posted - 07/21/2019:  22:41:28

If I were you, I would take this opportunity to become more familiar with different materials and different gauges to see which feel and sound best to you. Pick up several sets, whichever ones are the cheapest, and broaden your horizons. 

Edited by - Good Buddy on 07/21/2019 22:42:57

Mooooo - Posted - 07/22/2019:  10:02:08

Different strings sound different on different banjos, best to see which ones your banjo likes most.

Catman - Posted - 07/22/2019:  11:36:28

I too like the AMB cryogenically treated strings as they offer a variety of gauges and are reasonably priced and seem to last forever. I use them on my Stelling Red Fox, Fender Artist and Gibson banjo and they sound great on all of them.

Froglips - Posted - 07/22/2019:  16:59:15

I been wanting to try these myself

Edited by - Froglips on 07/22/2019 16:59:39

GrumpyCat - Posted - 07/22/2019:  17:39:16


Originally posted by Froglips

I been wanting to try these myself

I have, on my Deering Blackgrass. Both the lights and the mediums. Mediums sound better, but both are good. And, truth be told, they look pretty good against the black head and fretboard.

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