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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: 1/2 Hour in the Sun

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steve davis - Posted - 07/21/2019:  08:45:30

I went out to tend the "crop" and had to call it a day after 1/2 hour.
Three fans running inside.
Great excuse for watching the Red Sox at 1pm.
I'm not even considering the Sail Power and Steam jam in Rockland this afternoon.
Things are cooling off considerably after today.

bubbalouie - Posted - 07/21/2019:  08:54:56

Yeah! I saw on the news it is *41 C. with the humidex in Halifax now. Ouch! That's one thing I don't miss about living back east.

They say last June was the hottest recorded in 100 years. The average temp. for Sooke was 12. 8 Celsius. 55.4 F. this past June.  

Texasbanjo - Posted - 07/21/2019:  09:02:44

We've had 100 plus weather for 8 days now and today it is supposed to be 101. Nothing unusual for my part of the world. I will, however, be glad when the temps get back down in the mid 90s.

steve davis - Posted - 07/21/2019:  09:17:28

I might get an air conditioner next year.

chuckv97 - Posted - 07/21/2019:  09:20:06

Things have been somewhat cool & wet in this part of the west. Good thing,, I was getting tired of breathing smoke from the BC wildfires the last few years.

wi_gardener - Posted - 07/21/2019:  09:27:07

Everyone has been cranky in the Midwest, but we finally got some showers to put that humidity down. It's weird living like a goblin, waiting for the sun to go down to leave the house.

DC5 - Posted - 07/21/2019:  09:52:52

My new portable AC could not keep up yesterday. Today was supposed to be hotter, but slightly less humid. My outdoor thermometer just hit 90F, indoor 83F. Heading out to the ice cream Bluegrass concert at Fort Hill (details in another forum) in a few minutes, don't envy the musicians. I'll probably only stay an hour, then soak in the 80+ degree pool to try and lower my body temp. Yesterday I started feeling sick by 4 in the afternoon. Too hot too quickly.

rinemb - Posted - 07/21/2019:  10:20:39

This heatwave is over for us. Looking forward to a week with highs only in the 80sF. Here in Kansas. Brad

figmo59 - Posted - 07/21/2019:  10:48:06

Here in the bus bunker...
12,500 well...

But the power s ystum. Is ah little like ..
Green Acres power...

You can run AC...or toaster... but not both at once..!

Ya are what ya ya use the toaster... :0/

Paul R - Posted - 07/21/2019:  13:16:50

It hit 30C (at least) here. We went with friends to the "Fantasy in the Forest" art show north of here. Then we headed up to Merrickville, in the Ottawa Valley - where it's hotter! In and out of air conditioned shops, you really feel like you've walked in to an oven when you step outside. We left the restaurant and got into the car just as a huge shower came down - but it ended really fast.

Still hot today. Got ceiling fan going, but we haven't used the a/c in years. I wonder how much hotter we'd be without all the trees.

Brian T - Posted - 07/21/2019:  13:43:20

Hot air rises. The coolest air in your house is at floor level.
Drag the cushions off the couch and live on the floor like many arabs do.
Want a fan? Keep it on floor level.

Many summers at the lake included a week+ on the floor.

mander - Posted - 07/21/2019:  14:37:46

Mad dogs and Englishmen.

What ever I do in the yard, I do before 8 in the morning.

Hubby sleeps in the basement during the summer because it's cooler. I'd sleep there, too, but the basement is actually our son's room and he'd rather I not. Imagine, a teenager not wanting his mother to sleep in his room. He doesn't want his father in there, either, but we've yet to get him to understand that.

If it gets really hot, I douse my clothes with water.

Edited by - mander on 07/21/2019 14:38:46

RV6 - Posted - 07/21/2019:  17:10:54

Lows in the mid 50's, highs in the mid 70's.  We hiked this morning with long sleeve shirts.

We opened the shades so we could get some heat into the house.

Notice:  This above is a statement of fact and not to be construed as an invite to move heresurprise

OM45GE - Posted - 07/23/2019:  04:07:28

We had to go to an outdoor wedding Sunday. It was a tad toasty.

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