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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Monitor Earbuds

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RobEdmiston - Posted - 07/18/2019:  10:30:44

I have a mild hearing loss with a very annoying case of tinnitis (ringing in the ears) that makes it very difficult for me to hear the other instruments sufficient for to hear and feel the beat. There is also no string bass in our jam group. As a banjo player I love to goose the tempo, but others hate it when I goose the tempo. I often overdo it though so I can't say I don't blame them.

Anyway, I am looking for a simple means of amplifying the others in my jam group and just putting an earbud in my left ear, my bad ear.

Do any of you know of a cheap method of doing this?


jwold - Posted - 07/18/2019:  13:17:48

What about finding an electric bass player to join in the fun?

Can you sit next to the guitar player? Or across from him?

Hard to force the rest of your band mates to amplify or make things louder just for you...

Surely there are budget hearing aids out there that could help you out, or perhaps you should get your hearing checked. You might be missing out on more things than you realize.

RobEdmiston - Posted - 07/18/2019:  15:47:14

There are no bass players here locally. I'm just looking for a wireless device to clip to a mic stand that will transmit to an ear bud. I've had dozens of hearing tests and about a dozen ear surgeries. My hearing issues are well documented. I don't want or need a hearing aid because this issue with playing is my only time my hearing issues really gets in my way.

paxflyer - Posted - 07/18/2019:  20:40:44

You could always place a small two-channel mixer with one mic in front of what your listening to. Output to a set of ear buds.

As I pick, I always look to sit near the best guitarist/best rhythm. Makes a big difference.

Good luck,

RobEdmiston - Posted - 07/18/2019:  20:55:07

Thanks, I'll look into the electronic suggestion. As for where I sit, I always sit to the far left so that my good ear is exposed to all of the sound sources. I will rethink that aspect because I may be a little too far removed from the more important sound sources.

Gary r voigt - Posted - 08/05/2019:  22:23:34

hey rob, I hear you sir... no pun intented... I just had cancer in my left ear last year, they removed my ear drum, ear canal, and temporal bone, and then they just closed that ear now I am deaf in that one ear...have been playing banjo since I was about 12... thank god I have a really good right ear... I was going to go with baha ( bone anchored hearing aid) but decided not to, not because of cost( about 12,000.00 ) because I did not want that piece of disc they drill in your skull and then you hear noise from the bone induction from you skull with transfers the sound to air induction..
if you have just mild hearing loss you need to get a hearing test... everyone hears at different frequencys, mine are at not so good at very high pitches but for my age I was at the upper 90% so still good... I may go with a hearing aid system
that uses 2 small hearing aids, a transmitter and a receiver to help with surround sound. any good luck whatever you choose.

RobEdmiston - Posted - 08/05/2019:  22:48:28

Wow, glad you are ok now. My Grandpa had meniere's disease back in the 1950s and had his entire ear removed as well. Today it is treated with medication and low sodium diet.

I've decided to try sitting in the middle of the group rather than spending money.

I've had dozens of hearing tests from early childhood and all through my adult years. They consistently show a moderate loss in the lower frequencies. My root cause of all of these issues is eustachian tube dysfunction. There is an experimental eustachian tube dilation surgery that I'm waiting to be approved so that my insurance will cover it. It has shown great promise and consistent positive results.

Gary r voigt - Posted - 08/05/2019:  23:09:21

Good luck to you sir in the future..


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