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 Other Banjo-Related Topics
 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Thursday night open stage in Phoenix @

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Helix1 - Posted - 07/16/2019:  07:05:00

Thursday night we have open stage at this all acoustic venue where we volunteer ., there's a map on line. We're right off the 51 at the Glendale exit. we're about two blocks south of the 51 on the grounds of the Quaker meeting hall. We do everything from Bluegrass to Blues, young people are tired of plastic, they're reaching deep for new roots. We support that. We aren't Quakers, just musicians, we lease from them for the last 30 years, very stable we are.

Come and visit, we open at 6pm on Thursdays , come a little later, rush hour is over. Late arrivals still get to play in further song rotation.

We think we're the only ones in the USA doing a one song rotation. People are getting 4 and five songs per night. Songwriters, traditional, old and new. Everyone is there.

kmwaters - Posted - 07/16/2019:  07:10:00

Lots of fun at a cool little place.

Helix1 - Posted - 07/16/2019:  07:15:45

Heaven takes the fast ones.
Nature takes the slow.
The rest of us are in between,
It's the hardest way to go.

Helix1 - Posted - 07/21/2019:  04:42:54

we get a lot of out of towners during the summer. Very welcome

Froglips - Posted - 07/22/2019:  01:44:16

In case you were unaware... There is also an open mic night every Friday night at the Desert Rose Pizzaria and Gastropub at 6729 N 57th Dr B, Glendale, AZ 85301.

I found this through the Arizona Bluegrass Associations' website under jams. This one is not actually a jam though. It is an open mic night for anyone who wants to get up to sing and play. The coolest thing about this one is that there is already a band playing there at 4:30 till 5:30. Then the lead singer/guitar player sits down, and YOU get to get up there to do your thing! ... But the cool thing is that the rest of the band stays up there as YOUR back up band. A lead guitarist, a rhythm guitarist, a bass player, and a harmonica player. These guys are so good that they can play anything YOU can play.

When you walk in the place with your instrument, the nicest lil lady will come up and ask if you are going on. Her name is, Velta.

Have fun!

Helix1 - Posted - 07/25/2019:  07:46:02

Thanks lips
Now back to the all volunteer programming

Helix1 - Posted - 07/26/2019:  06:43:22

We allow ensembling and friendly backup. We are the only ones in the USA doing an open stage with one song rotation, find another, I don't think so. We had to evolve away from alcohol, and parking lot entertainment. The one song format disallows "tanking up" before one plays.

Sorry, man, but Desert Rose is a for profit drinking establishment. This open mike used to be at the American Legion hall.
No criticism, I know everybody there in Glendale, good luck, it ain't easy being green.

Froglips - Posted - 07/27/2019:  10:42:02

I was just mentioning it as another open mic option for people in Glendale, AZ. I guess it is for profit, as it is a restaurant... But if it is any consolation, I do not think they pay the open mic entertainment. LOL.

I am not brave enough to get up on a stage as of yet, let alone drink and play in front of other humans.

This thing sounds great though. I am going to check it out soon.

Helix1 - Posted - 07/28/2019:  03:44:17

Thanks for contributing.

We found that in years past people thought we were on public property, so casual consumption in the parking lot was ok. It isn't

Our anti-liquor and tobacco clauses are in our lease with the Quakers who are our landlords.

Various young people have attended our open stage. Some with their parents, some have returned as adult performers.

If someone is drinking on our property during operation, then it is seen as contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Period.

Thus we made a choice to just play the music. No alcohol, no drugs, no puffing, no new something that comes along in the future, like people sending their AI to stand in for them.

What we found with the one song rotation is that the music becomes more important, performance builds confidence, everybody grows.

The bars use a two or three song format which is boring and repetitive and limits the number of participants.

People are welcome to join us after the evening has started, they play in the 2nd rotation, others go home early,  it really works. 

We are very happy with the format as it has grown with us. We get a suggested donation, and no, we don't pay open stage people, but we do book from Thursday nights for other performances on Friday and Saturday where we feature different people and groups.

Last week we had 22 people to start, blues to bluegrass.  We have modern diversity.  

I hope you will join us Froglips, your curiousity is most welcome. There is nothing on the West side like it. We need more.

Edited by - Helix1 on 07/28/2019 03:49:20

Helix1 - Posted - 08/01/2019:  06:36:56

And here we are at another thursday.

Hope we see you there.

Helix1 - Posted - 08/02/2019:  05:33:07

Last week we had 22 people to start at 6:30, everybody got 3 songs.
This week the same, it's summer, so to be this full in the off season means we rock. We got 4 songs each this week.
Thanks to everyone.

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