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 Other Banjo-Related Topics
 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Look what my wife got more - just a spur of the moment gift . . .

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Brooklynbanjoboy - Posted - 07/13/2019:  17:15:56

Think she's beginning to warm to banjo music?

dbrooks - Posted - 07/13/2019:  17:49:15

Lew, maybe she wants you to play more like John Hartford?

By the way, congrats on the article in the July BNL describing why and how you approached writing your well-received books on Dwight Diller and Tommy Thompson. While only the initial paragraphs appear in BNL, the rest of the article is available on the BNL web site. You provide a detailed look at your process that others may benefit from.


Astrobanjo - Posted - 07/13/2019:  18:17:56

Time for a new banjo for "her"....

"If you don't want it I'll keep it....."

Brooklynbanjoboy - Posted - 07/14/2019:  03:09:53

David. Thanks for your kind words.

I talked to a lot of folks while working the Diller and then the Thompson book, and all of them had very unique paths to music - all of them had stories that described those musical trajectories, and so many of them were worth books. I thought that I could cook up a "recipe" for starting the task of mapping those paths in words, and getting a book out of those great life stories.

However, your fearlessness in the face of IT challenges is what made possible the tab book featuring Tommy's banjo style - and that eBook path is what would make it easy for so many banjo friends to get their stories down for sharing as eBooks.

Astrobanjo - Bill Rust, who is gone now, was the banjo and dulcimer player who told me that every so often he'd bring home two banjos. Honey, he'd say, got one for you this time . . . That led to an incredible vintage banjo collection. So, I have some evidence that approach works.

Take care,


hoodoo - Posted - 07/14/2019:  04:23:10

It only took three books and how many years of playing??!! Haha

Brooklynbanjoboy - Posted - 07/14/2019:  04:25:20

Good point . . .

mike gregory - Posted - 07/14/2019:  04:45:12

At first glace, I thought the face was that of Leonard Nimoy!

They're both long-jawed.

And there is that famous photo of the banjo-playing gal from some other Class M planet explaining to Leonard that they eventually figured out that the tone ring and the strings were the only things a banjo REALLY needed, so that's all they use any more.


And, of course, THIS:

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