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malarz - Posted - 06/07/2019:  03:57:01

I strung the Fender with a set of Thomastek-Infeld strings. Yes, on the pricey end but yes, definitely worth the cost. These strings feel great and ring out nicely. I’m not sold on the balance of the gauges (the D string sounds a little bit louder than the other three). I might have to experiment and buy a few singles but good stings.


aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 06/07/2019:  04:29:48

Who is your supplier? I’ve been thinking about trying them. I hate changing strings. The Dadarrios don’t last long.

parlour player - Posted - 06/07/2019:  04:36:01

Iam also considering buy a set i have heard good reports about them
made Austria you buy direct off them or eBay.
thanks Malarz


malarz - Posted - 06/07/2019:  04:43:50 and both sell the T-I strings. Maybe others, too, but I’ve been satisfied with the service from both.


MoJoBanjo - Posted - 06/07/2019:  05:15:40

I've heard good things about these strings, but the price has always prevented me from trying. Are they REALLY worth it?

PKM - Posted - 06/07/2019:  07:04:14

Did I read that correctly ? $45 a set ?!?!?! I am not cheap with my accessories, (capos, bridges, strings, picks,...) But Yikes,....and no thanks. cheers.

malarz - Posted - 06/07/2019:  13:38:01

I paid $27. Was it “worth it?” Sure. Feel good, sound good.

Dan Gellert - Posted - 06/07/2019:  14:36:07

I don't know about T-I banjo strings, but their mandolin strings are very good, quite durable, and distinctively different from any others I've played. In the neighborhood of 10 times the price I usually pay for a set, but they're a bargain compared to T-I's similarly-made Precision violin strings, which go for only a few dollars less-- and you only get half as many strings. That's their cheapest line of fiddle strings-- the top-shelf ones will set you back over $100 for four little strings. ....Ask a classical bassist some time what strings cost!

parlour player - Posted - 06/08/2019:  05:00:16


pdinneen1 - Posted - 06/08/2019:  05:15:25

Flat wound 3rd and 4th string along with durability and quality of sound make this set worth every cent.

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