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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Pick up trio, just for a gig, no rehearsal, yes amusement.

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CGDA - Posted - 06/01/2019:  07:20:52

I loved so much to play my banjo with these guys.

Thank you for listening!


parlour player - Posted - 06/01/2019:  07:47:45

Thanks Marco

Great playing to you all!


CGDA - Posted - 06/01/2019:  08:03:46


Originally posted by parlour player

Thanks Marco

Great playing to you all!


Grazie, Ciao! heart

mike gregory - Posted - 06/01/2019:  08:30:41

Now let's grab OUR banjos, and sing along!


Yes, sir! Marco from Italy

Plays it, OH!, so prettily,

Yes, sir, strumming mightily, now!

Some guy, on a clarinet,

Has fun, and he's sharing it.

Big smile, and he's wearing it, now.

Other guy, on the saxophone,

Biggest one that I've ever known

Carrying the major undertone, WOW!


CGDA - Posted - 06/01/2019:  09:25:07

 Wow Mike, you're really a poet and lyrics composer! 

surprise heart


jlmyers - Posted - 06/01/2019:  10:07:02


Originally posted by CGDA

I loved so much to play my banjo with these guys.

Thank you for listening!

Bravo! Sounding great Marco. I'd love to sit in with you guys.   JLM



CGDA - Posted - 06/01/2019:  11:27:35

Thank you James, it would be great to play with you, for sure!

raybob - Posted - 06/01/2019:  16:29:44

Thanks Marco. Sounds very nice.

CGDA - Posted - 06/02/2019:  11:14:23

Hi Ray, thank you for appreciating!

G Edward Porgie - Posted - 06/05/2019:  08:53:35

I can see easily why you enjoy playing withn these guys. You are totally together as a group, seeming to know just what will be coming next from one another.

To me, there is nothing better as a musician than to find others to play along with and to have such rapport with.

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 06/05/2019:  09:32:41

This is great Marco! I'm sure the guys enjoy playing with you. You provide rock solid rhythm.

CGDA - Posted - 06/05/2019:  12:57:15

George and Mike, thank you for your nice comments!


Laurence Diehl - Posted - 06/06/2019:  14:09:24

Great stuff Marco and very true to the period. I have old records of Joe Venuti and Eddie Lang where they are using a bass saxophone...

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