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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Look Out here comes the banjo police -- Giant Steps

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Greenmeat - Posted - 04/27/2019:  19:09:01

"The Manhattan Minstrel" Eddy Davis playing a Tutorial on a Coltrane song -- BUT, watch out for the BANJO POLICE. It is performed on Davis' Custom OME 12' head - 17 fret neck Tenor Banjo.
Hide -- here they come ----------------------------

malarz - Posted - 04/27/2019:  19:42:55

Brilliant analysis! I’m hooked on the harmonic possibilities of the tenor banjo. Its your type of approach that will open the ears of curious listeners. thanks for sharing.

pdinneen1 - Posted - 04/27/2019:  20:19:19

Sacrilege! Sodom and Gomorrah! Next thing you know he’ll be breaking down a Pharaoh Sanders piece!

I certainly hope he does!

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 04/28/2019:  05:45:11

Thank you for posting this. A new way for me of looking at things. I always benefit from your tutorials.

Rob MacKillop - Posted - 05/07/2019:  10:25:29

Eddy, I love you, man. Keep stretching these young fellas to expand the tenor horizons.

I just popped in to say hello to my old 4-string friends. I've been away from the banjo for a few years, but recently bought an English zither I'm slowly getting sucked back into the banjo. I hope everyone is well. See you around!

majesty - Posted - 05/07/2019:  15:15:14

Eddy Davis and Rob Mckillop , you two are so tasteful in your playing. Separating you from the bangers. Rob, do you still have the Deering Eagle 2 tenor? I have a chance to possibly buy one, and your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Jim

Rob MacKillop - Posted - 05/07/2019:  15:31:26

Cheers, Jim. Sadly the answer is no. I sold it long ago. It seems to be impossible for me to stick with an instrument longer than just a few years. I'm sure it's a failing on my part, but I just keep moving on, for better or worse. I'm resigned to it now. So much music, so little time.

As to the Deering Eagle II tenor, if I could buy it again I would do so in a heart beat. A very refined banjo, and beautifully put together. I loved mine while my inner compass was pointing in that direction.

Best wishes, Jim, whatever banjo you end up with.

Greenmeat - Posted - 05/07/2019:  20:33:28

Rob my friend, I can't get enough of you no matter what you play -- you are one competent musician -- in my opinion. To be put in the same category as you is BIG! Eddy "The Manhattan Minstrel"

Rob MacKillop - Posted - 05/07/2019:  22:42:46

I can't think of any higher praise, though unworthy, than to be placed in the same category as the great Manhattan Minstrel. You are on a much higher level, my friend! A constant inspiration, and a true gentleman. Live long and prosper!

Laurence Diehl - Posted - 05/09/2019:  15:41:24

What an excellent tutorial! Thanks for cracking the code Eddy, this bugger has dogged me all my life, I might actually have a chance with it now!

pearcemusic - Posted - 05/09/2019:  17:45:17

Awesome Eddy !!! I love this tune and play it daily .... I’ve spent hours and hours just playing those changes. It can be intoxicating!!
Of course, I sound killer at slow speeds ... the faster it gets, the worse I sound. ??

Greenmeat - Posted - 05/10/2019:  13:33:13

Now you're talkin' --- we can out number those Jazz Police. A Minstrel

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