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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Stewmac rosewood fingerboards and guitar backs

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Ken LeVan - Posted - 04/24/2019:  07:57:10

Lately, I have gotten an increasing number of email ads from Stewmac advertising guitar backs, and now fingerboards made from CITES listed wood, like dalbergia species.  I wonder, are they trying to get rid of these or is this some form of protest they are staging?  I remember a couple of years ago Grizzly saw the writing on the wall and blew out all the rosewood stuff they had in stock.

G Edward Porgie - Posted - 04/24/2019:  09:18:35

That's an interesting question. I've been getting those emails, too, and it seemed a little odd that they would be doing this.

I doubt that it's "some form of protest," though. That would seem a useless proposition, as they'd be fighting a world wide trade organization.

They may, indeed, be blowing out their stock, which makes me wonder what they will replace the stuff with.

While it's a good thing that these endangered species, as well as other endangered items, are no longer easy to get. I do feel, however, that some of the regulations have gone too far. Just yesterday, I was speaking with a person about the difficulties they had had trying to import a spinet (an instrument sort of like a very small harpsichord) that had been made in 1723. It seems ridiculous that CITES would make a museum jump through all kinds of hoops and pay exorbitant fees to get a smidgeon of 296 year old ivory into the country; ivory which constituted part of a completely original and extremely rare museum piece

rcc56 - Posted - 04/24/2019:  10:58:17

Perhaps they are just over-stocked or people are not buying.

Perhaps some buyers have been scared off by the new regulations.

It is still legal to ship all rosewood internationally as long as the paperwork is there. The regulations are much stricter on Brazilian rosewood, and it is no longer legal to cut the trees.

CITES is going to review an amendment to the rosewood restrictions this year that would ease the restrictions on "finished musical instruments,"  "finished musical instrument parts," and "finished musical instrument accessories," [except those made with Brazilian]. We should know if the amendment has been adopted later this year.  My source is the NAMM website.

Edited by - rcc56 on 04/24/2019 11:03:55

Quickstep192 - Posted - 04/24/2019:  11:06:12

I got some emails from StewMac offer side and back sets from "The Tree" I thought I'd buy a set and hang on to it until I had a use.

Then I saw the price...

dannyp - Posted - 04/24/2019:  11:59:27

I noticed that they were also offering a lot more options in their kit and wood selections. I just figured that they were expanding their business.

desert rose - Posted - 04/24/2019:  20:45:28

NOTHING has changed with CITES regulations and nothing will... until it does, dont believe any of the hoopla in either direction.

We import CITES woods in substantial quantites monthly and ship completed instruments worldwide in quantities monthly

CITES is absolutely NO problem at all, once you get the understanding of what papers are required and how the process works, it doesnt add any noticible amount to the materials or instruments. Its a headache yes, but just nother process in the job


banjobart - Posted - 04/25/2019:  06:39:26

It is very profitable for StewMac to sell the special sets at a premium price. Each set is individually photographed and cataloged. Apparently there is a market for this.

Ken LeVan - Posted - 04/25/2019:  06:47:27

The point of the regulations seems to be only to frustrate and hamper small builders in this country while allowing business as usual for those who flood the market with cheap insturments.

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