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Blue20Boy17 - Posted - 04/22/2019:  11:30:03



Do you have experience with coding mods for Minecraft?


Do you have an interest in mods that add superpowers?


The Lorien Legacies Mod is a mod that is based upon the powers (Legacies) that a group of teenagers from another galaxy have in a book series call

The Lorien Legacies and The Lorien Legacies Reborn.

These powers include things such as super speed, super strength, telekinesis, shapeshifting, invisibility, rapid regeneration, walking on water, sonic flight, fire/lava proof and fire powers, ice powers, control of the weather, among many others.


But the one thing that sets this mod off so much from the others is not only the variety of powers, but the system on which they are based. In creative mod, you can give yourself any Legacies you want. However, in survival mode, the whole system is by chance. You have a 1 in 10 chance of getting powers, and the ones you get are completely random. A 1 in 10 chance may sound boring, but it’s to keep things book-accurate. Everyone who gets powers will have telekinesis, but the other powers will be random. Another unique part is a leveling up factor. When you first get your powers, they will be low-power. However, as you use them more, you will get experience points to only use for leveling up your powers, and then you can amp up your powers.


There will also be ways to cheat and give yourself powers, but just like in the books, it’ll have its risks.


That said, we need coders. Currently, there is only a single person coding (TheUltimateKerbonaut), and he can’t work on it all the time. Those of you who have worked/are working on a mod solo know how it is to have only one person doing development on the mod. Therefore, I am asking that if you would like to donate some time, or perhaps know someone who would like to donate time, please do so.


We are looking for people interested in this type of mod. When people have an interest in something, they give it more effort. If you are not interested, but still want to help, all help is welcome. However, your help may not be as high-priority as someone who is genuinely interested in this type of mod.


If you are interested in helping at all, please join our Discord Server at the link below and state if you’re a coder willing to help.


Thank you all very much!



Edited by - Blue20Boy17 on 04/22/2019 11:30:42

Roxsanne - Posted - 05/10/2019:  13:46:53

Consider myself as a candidate then. Telekinesis is my main verve. I'm not cheap though, what's the job pay?
Whereas perhaps in Shapeshifting and Sonic flight I'm only a newbie...

Roxsanne - Posted - 05/12/2019:  15:26:39

You weren't very clear, hickey vowel shifts on the call {smiley} you write the info here? ..Regardo!

chuckv97 - Posted - 05/19/2019:  19:13:54

FCOL ! What in tarnation is going on here??!

mike gregory - Posted - 05/19/2019:  19:23:51

When you get one I can plug into a port in my head, giving me the superpower to play like John Hartford, PM me and I'll buy it.

chuckv97 - Posted - 05/19/2019:  19:49:45

Well I’ll be hornswoggled

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