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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Moderator help

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Goldstarman - Posted - 04/16/2019:  21:25:35

How do i find a private message that was sent to me and that i read?

Bill Rogers - Posted - 04/16/2019:  22:56:39

I have no idea even if that can be done. Certainly beyond the mods’ pay grade. You should email Eric to find out.

Wet Spaniel - Posted - 04/16/2019:  23:28:50


Originally posted by Goldstarman

How do i find a private message that was sent to me and that i read?

Timothy, I'm not mega familiar with how my account is set up but my private messages go,into my email inbox - I've only had a few so im not too versed with the workings, but, I've just gone into my email inbox, searched "banjo hangout message" and all my PMs have been listened and readable.

Texasbanjo - Posted - 04/17/2019:  04:43:10

If you get a PM while you're on the Hangout, you have the option of having it sent to your e-mail or deleted. If you do not choose an option, it is deleted and I don't think there's any way to get it back.

If you're not on the Hangout when the PM is sent, after 15 minutes it goes to your e-mail. If you delete it from your e-mail, then maybe you can find it in your recently deleted e-mail messages.

Other than those two options, I don't think there's a way to retrieve the e-mail.

Do you know who sent it to you? If so, possibly they saved it or at least know what it said and can recreate it for you.

Goldstarman - Posted - 04/17/2019:  06:57:33

I sure don't that's why I was hoping I could retrieve it to find out who sent it

Texasbanjo - Posted - 04/17/2019:  08:32:18

Goldstarman Maybe whoever sent it will read this thread and reply to you again. Let's hope so.

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