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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Shure SM57 - Need Info

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Richard Hauser - Posted - 03/07/2019:  13:00:27

Just bought a Shure SM57. Shure info says that it does not need phantom power. Plugged it into a Fishman Loudbox Mini. Didn't get any sound.

I have a Behringer PS400 phantom power supply. I ran the cable from the Shure microphone through the Behringer, and the cable from the phantom power supply to the Fishman Loudbox Mini. Still no sound.

Since the problem may be created by my own ignorance and my inability to understand what the Fishman rep told me, I want to run this post by BHO members before I return the items to the retailer.

Thanks for reading this. And, thanks for information which might resolve this problem. I had 20' cables and power cables running all over. If the problem is solved I will have to come up with some way to organize this spaghetti like mess.

mmuussiiccaall - Posted - 03/07/2019:  13:13:43

Uh oh, might be a FAKE!

tdennis - Posted - 03/07/2019:  13:19:32

A Shure  57 is simple & reliable, w/ no phantom power. (send it back)

Edited by - tdennis on 03/07/2019 13:21:19

Bill Rogers - Posted - 03/07/2019:  13:20:13

It’s a dynamic mike. No power needed. See if you can find another amp to test it on. I doubt that the mike is the problem.  Did you try a different cable?

Edited by - Bill Rogers on 03/07/2019 13:24:37

rcc56 - Posted - 03/07/2019:  13:55:37

An SM 57 requires no phantom power.
Either the mic, the cable, or the mic channel in the Fishman is bad.
Try a different cable. If that doesn't work, try a different mic. If that doesn't work, find somebody with a board or amp that will accept a 3 prong mic connector and try the 57 in that.

I agree with Bill. I've never heard of a new Shure mic that didn't work.
Shure dynamic mics are nearly indestructible. Not only are they nearly idiot proof, they are also nearly musician proof.

PKM - Posted - 03/07/2019:  13:56:22

This may sound stupid, and its probably not the problem, but some, not all, SM58s have an On-Off. All of mine do not, but our lead singer's does, and more than once we've gone to track a problem only to remember a few minutes later that that one mic, has a switch. ;-)) Not sure about 57s. Good luck but it sounds like its a fake, and just crap. Send it back.

Richard Hauser - Posted - 03/07/2019:  14:05:00

I tried a neighbors inexpensive microphone on the amp, and it worked fine. So the problem is not with the amp. The ad gave me the impression that the amp and other gear was being sold by Shure. But it turned out the items were not being sold by Shure. The purchase price is being refunded.

Old Hickory - Posted - 03/07/2019:  15:17:15

Genuine Shure SM57 is nearly bullet-proof. If you tested the neighbor's mic with the same cord in the same channel, then that means your mic is bad. Either a rare defect from Shure, or a fake.

Good to hear you're getting your money back.

For the next one, buy from an authorized Shure retailer such as  MusiciansFriend online or a local music store. If you buy used, try before you buy.

My experience with Shure mics -- three SM58s that I own andseveral SM57s that I've used -- has been 100% positive.

Just in case:  Do be sure you're only using the SM57 with an XLR cable (three-prong) in a low-impedance channel.  My experience with XLR-to-quarter inch adapters is that they sound terrible and barely work.

Richard Hauser - Posted - 03/17/2019:  08:04:37

I purchased another Shure SM 57 from Amazon, and also made sure Amazon was the supplier. Received the Shure and it works better than I had hoped. So the original supplier sent a defective device.

monstertone - Posted - 03/22/2019:  11:45:59

Fwiw: Amazon is a go between, not an authorized dealer of anything. Not to bad mouth Amazon, they more or less invented a better mousetrap by consolidating the mail order business. I often buy from Amazon. But when it comes to some things, sound reinforcement equipment being one of them, I prefer dealing with a pro who can offer advice, if at all possible. 

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