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 Playing Advice: 4-String (Jazz, Blues & Other Trad Styles)

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davidcava - Posted - 03/02/2019:  07:49:21

This banjo is creating some great sustain. I love it.

Emiel - Posted - 03/02/2019:  08:18:54

I like the sound, I've always loved the sound of the Gibson two-piece flange maple archtop banjo a lot (Dock Boggs' 5-string 1928 RB-3). It sounds great as a tenor too, though most tenor banjoists seem to prefer, e.g., B&D or Vega over Gibson, as we all know…

Edited by - Emiel on 03/02/2019 08:19:27

davidcava - Posted - 03/02/2019:  08:23:48

I don't know why they aren't very popular in the tenor Jazz world. It's curious.

malarz - Posted - 03/02/2019:  08:37:53

Wow! A great tune masterfully played! Thanks for sharing. So, when are you going to host a tenor workshop for us noetheast US players? I’m sure you could get a few of us to attend and then to pay enough to keep you in beer for a week or so.

davidcava - Posted - 03/02/2019:  08:44:19

I don't know enough about the tenor yet Ken, but Thanks for that. We need Eddy, or the likes of.

malarz - Posted - 03/02/2019:  09:01:53

Sounds to me as if you know plenty. Unless you edited that video to put Eddy’s hands on your arms and banjo?

davidcava - Posted - 03/02/2019:  09:06:51

I wouldn't be able to play it, if not for Eddys tutorial on it

G Edward Porgie - Posted - 03/02/2019:  09:38:45


Originally posted by davidcava

I don't know why they aren't very popular in the tenor Jazz world. It's curious.

I've heard far too many Gibsons that were set up badly and played at ridiculously high volumes. That kind of thing may have discouraged others from using Gibson tenors. They are also a bit more expensive than the Vegas and B&D's due to their popularity for conversion to 5 strings (thanks, Mr. Scruggs!).

I am finding more and more Gibsons lately that have been nicely set up and sensitively played, like David's banjo. Hopefully that will steer more people to discover the merits of these banjos as tenors.

ldieckow - Posted - 03/02/2019:  10:54:16

My dear friends Johnny Baier and Paul Erickson both play perfectly set up tenor Gibson's and they sound fantastic. Of course, in their hands a cigar box tenor would sound great!

parlour player - Posted - 03/02/2019:  15:57:11

I think David should host a workshop via Skype!

So David, when can we sign up?????????

davidcava - Posted - 03/03/2019:  05:19:14

Not quite yet Jan......but it won't be long

pdinneen1 - Posted - 03/03/2019:  17:08:21

I think Thelonious would be very happy with the treatment of this!

davidcava - Posted - 03/03/2019:  17:11:06

Thanks's Eddys version. I just listened to your Bye Bye Blues......beautiful Jazz!

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