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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Portable, battery-operated amps

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malarz - Posted - 02/25/2019:  14:29:47

Any recommendations? The Roland Mini-Cube gets good reviews but most of the minis do! I’m thinking of using a Fishman pickup. I’ll need enough volume toi be able to heard in a brass band.

Thanks for any help.


RedStar - Posted - 02/25/2019:  14:34:21

I use a Fishman mini-charge. Works like a champ. 60w

RB4picker - Posted - 02/25/2019:  14:53:54

I like the Roland Street Cube EX. Pricey, but it seems very nice.

I've never used one just on my wish list.

Daive - Posted - 02/25/2019:  15:07:43

I use a Blackstar Fly bass amp, batteries or wall plug they make a guitar version as well I use it with a full size bass and a Ubase no problems so far nearly 3 years

Texasbanjo - Posted - 02/25/2019:  15:23:29

Dave used a Roland Mini-cube to amp his Martin B-1E acoustic-electric bass and it worked well whether on stage, in a jam or just practicing at home. The only problem he ever had with it was it didn't give much notice when the batteries were about to go out. We were in the middle of a jam one evening at a festival and he was doing his bass rhythm (the only bass in the group) and suddenly there was no sound. The batteries just died in the middle of a song. Luckily, he had new ones handy and only missed one song while changing batteries.

rudy - Posted - 02/25/2019:  16:58:00

I have a Roland Cube Street (not the EX...) and it works very well.  I've used it for smaller gigs as a PA.  It has a separate mic channel, built in effects, is quite loud and batteries last a long time between being changed.

I've never seen a Roland "Mini-cube", but their Micro-cube series are too small to create enough sound other than the smallest venues.

Edited by - rudy on 02/25/2019 17:01:55

Meles_Meles - Posted - 02/25/2019:  20:25:39

P also have the Roland Cube Street, and I think it's more than loud enough. Also, the 'clean' channel is very accurate,

eweiss - Posted - 02/26/2019:  09:46:21

A couple of my friends have the Blackstar Fly 3, and it puts out an impressive amount of sound for a little amp under $100. Never heard it hooked up to acoustic instruments though.

paxflyer - Posted - 02/26/2019:  10:01:14

Great reviews on the Bose S1. Drag your axe down to guitar center and check it out.

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