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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: ''All Too Soon'' ...... collaboration.

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Don Lewers - Posted - 02/08/2019:  16:47:14

Firstly, thanks Marco, it's always a pleasure to get a chance to jam with you on these videos, well played!.

I'd also like to thank Johnstephen for introducing me to this tune on Eddy's ''Azalea'' topic, to D C for posting his beaut tenor guitar job, and to Eddy for posting the music. ...... to be honest, I'd never heard of it until then. .... Don. .........

davidcava - Posted - 02/08/2019:  16:59:17

Damn.....two of my favorite Jazz musicians in the World.......and it's a small one. I don't even want to say Jazz banjo....because it's just great Jazz. That was fantastic you two.....beautiful work. It should be on sirius Radio.

Thanks you guys.

johnstephen - Posted - 02/08/2019:  18:16:15

Fantastic! What a wonderful sound you have together, Don and Marco! David is right, it's just beautiful in every way. I'm glad you two "got together" to record this. And great video recording skills, too.

CGDA - Posted - 02/09/2019:  03:40:24

David and John, thank you so much for appreciating!
David, I would really like to hear your last composition. Hope that will be available again on YT!

GMB - Posted - 02/09/2019:  06:17:48

Wow, that was fantastic! Thank you gentlemen!

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 02/09/2019:  06:47:45

That is so cool!!! Well played guys.

CGDA - Posted - 02/09/2019:  09:46:22

Gerard and Mike, thank you very much!

mike gregory - Posted - 02/09/2019:  10:01:47

Makes me want to grab my sweetheart and dance.
(And I don't dance!!)
It's THAT good.

And here I was worried that it would be a topic about somebody collaborating with somebody way too soon to be a decent collaboration.

My worries have floated away on a river of melody.

Thanks for sharing.

CGDA - Posted - 02/09/2019:  12:17:06

Mike Gregory, thank you for your nice comment!

Don Lewers - Posted - 02/10/2019:  17:43:49

I'd like to 2nd Marco's replies to your comments, thanks everybody ....... your kind words are worth bottling!.

The backing track we used came from a good YouTube site, with plenty of other jazz tunes also available ....... here's the link if want it. ..... Don. .........

yeoldbanjoguy - Posted - 02/10/2019:  18:35:24

Wow! You guys are just great! Thanks for the post


parlour player - Posted - 02/10/2019:  20:43:16

Outstanding chaps!

yet so far, yet so close!


Laurence Diehl - Posted - 02/12/2019:  10:11:00

That was great fellers!

CGDA - Posted - 02/12/2019:  11:26:58

Btuce, Parlour Player, Laurence, thank you so much each one!

YankeeBob - Posted - 02/12/2019:  18:18:53

Don and Marco -- I loved this collaboration -- very nicely done and a real joy to listen to! Thanks!

ldieckow - Posted - 02/13/2019:  10:32:02

Don & Marco, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this and all of your past videos as well! You are both excellent players and super smooth and clean. Your lines flow so effortlessly it's a joy to watch and hear. I so wish the 3 of us could sit down and jam for hours! Thanks for sharing and again, great playing.

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