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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Vinnie Mondello

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davidcava - Posted - 02/08/2019:  08:38:09

Wanted to put out a big Thanks to Vinnie Mondello down there in Texas. I just received my tenor neck, and it looks great. Vinnie is one hell of a nice man, and he knows  his business. I would highly recommend him for any of your restoration needs.

Thanks Vinnie, I'm going to start setting her up next week.


Culloden - Posted - 02/08/2019:  09:52:38

I dealt with Vinnie one time and I can say the same. A genuinely nice person to deal with.

G Edward Porgie - Posted - 02/08/2019:  13:15:02

Mr. Mondello answered a few questions for me once, and I'd agree that he's very helpful and friendly.

MikeHashem - Posted - 02/08/2019:  13:56:08

In the old days when a neck was bowed it was a death sentence. It was great to see Vinnie,s work. I have had other work done by Vinnie, but this was exceptional!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Regards to Vinnie and good playing Dave.

GStump - Posted - 02/08/2019:  16:22:22

Having known Mr. Vincent Mondello "Vindawg" for the better part of 20 years or something like that.... I will attest to the fact that the man is a tremendous asset to the banjo world in particular and the world in general. A fine gentleman. Nuffin' more need be said. And yes, I do know and have met him personally. Shame I can't get him to move back east....

davidcava - Posted - 02/08/2019:  16:38:40

Thanks Mike. The banjo will be in your hands in a few weeks. Vinnie is Awesome. He told me a story about that hole in his bench....Howard's Hole......He used it for one of Jazzs' supreme guitar players, Howard Alden. Howard is a genius tenor banjo player, and this tech was used for one of Howard's banjo's in the past.

I had opportunity to hear Howard play tenor banjo at a fest in the past......Incredible musician.

See you in a few my friend.


davidcava - Posted - 02/08/2019:  16:48:06

Thanks Gregg, I'd wish to meet him sometime. I can tell by just talking to him.....he's the real deal.

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 02/09/2019:  15:25:21

I got my banjo from Vinnie. Recommend him also.

Boogie Bogen - Posted - 02/22/2019:  07:40:01

I met Vinnie in AZ years ago. We looked at each other and both kind of said "I like you."
His website is incredible too! I love all the photos he posts of his projects. He is obviously an expert and an asset to the banjo world! Thanks for sharing your neck.

trussrod - Posted - 02/22/2019:  10:43:49

I’ve talked to Vinnie a few times at shows and watched online, grow his skill over many years. I admire his problem solving skills and attention to detail. His website is a good window on the profession, I check it frequently and thank him for taking the time to photograph his work for posterity.

JackRyanNPU - Posted - 02/22/2019:  18:30:01

Yes, Vincent does good work.

davidcava - Posted - 02/26/2019:  06:39:37

With the neck attached

davidcava - Posted - 02/28/2019:  07:46:46

Here's a vid I sent to Vinnie. He only worked on the neck, and didn't have the pot, so I wanted him to hear what it sounded like. It's a great banjo, and it's going to get better. This banjo was sitting for many, many years, and thanks to Vinnies handywork on the neck, she's back in business.


Omeboy - Posted - 02/28/2019:  12:13:41

If Vinnie could restore human necks as beautifully as he does banjo necks, I'd drive down to Texas tonight.wink

Edited by - Omeboy on 02/28/2019 12:14:54

MikeHashem - Posted - 02/28/2019:  12:31:56

Way to loud and rings to much!!!!!! Get a Paramount. IMHO Regards Mike

davidcava - Posted - 03/01/2019:  04:07:45

Paging Dr. Mondello........

What's wrong with your physical neck Paul?

See you in a few weeks Mike, you can test her out. She rings like a bell.

CGDA - Posted - 03/01/2019:  08:38:31

David, your upgraded banjo sounds and plays so crisp. Vinnie is really a wizard-luthier!
Beautiful your "Rosetta" too!

davidcava - Posted - 03/01/2019:  09:46:32

Thanks Marco.....I must have done a decent job, because you recognized the song! This banjo definetly has some power, and I'm looking forward to playing on it. Hope all is well in Italia.


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