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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: 3 ply banjo neck?

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Brice Alms - Posted - 01/31/2019:  16:25:01

Is this a good way to build a banjo neck. The wood is mahogany, the glue will be hide glue, and the strings are going to be nylon or nylgut. I don't know if this will work or not. This will be my first wood rim banjo. Photos are in the replys. For some reason, my phone does not let my post photos when I am making a new topic.


Edited by - Brice Alms on 01/31/2019 16:29:00

Brice Alms - Posted - 01/31/2019:  16:26:38

Here are the photos.

Blue20Boy17 - Posted - 01/31/2019:  16:28:20

how thick are your two long pieces?

mike gregory - Posted - 01/31/2019:  18:14:13

One may always hope for the best.

If it does not work the way you hoped, you've still learned something.

One must be willing to learn the lesson "Don't EVER do THAT again!" as part of the learning process.

maneckep - Posted - 01/31/2019:  18:26:09

It will work fine with Nylgut strings. I have built the same style neck with pine and poplar without any problems. Necks still straight with no need for truss rod.

Brice Alms - Posted - 01/31/2019:  23:05:44


Originally posted by bluegrassboy4life

how thick are your two long pieces?

they are just under 1 inch. most modern lumber is a little thinner than they actually say. 

RB-1 - Posted - 02/01/2019:  02:29:58

If you insist on using ply, the only bullet proof construction would be copying the old Framus way of doing things.

The glue lines are, contrary to what you've done, vertical, that will keep your neck from going everywhere:" />


Blue20Boy17 - Posted - 02/01/2019:  05:15:20

Brice Alms I second what RB-1 said. Vertical would be the best and most stable.

Helix - Posted - 02/01/2019:  15:59:54

It WILL work, in high school, we had nothing but a 2 x 4, so we as a music group built our own banjo longneck just the same way you are.
We used HO railroad track as frets, Little John Henry, little shaker, little steam drill, no kidding.

If not, Just turn your neck blank 90 degrees.

Dan Drabek - Posted - 02/01/2019:  16:05:49

I see nothing wrong with the laminate. Classical guitars have been built that way for over 100 years. At the very least, it's just as strong as a one piece neck.


Helix - Posted - 02/01/2019:  16:19:09

I agree, Dan, no kidding. Framus was just a Jam us. Stove bolts on good music still plays, too crunchy while digesting.

banjopickingman - Posted - 02/02/2019:  23:38:33

Not certain from your photo, but I think I made a banjo like that once. Based on some plans I found here:

It worked fine, but I wouldn't do it that way again.

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