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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Neck not even with tension hoop - causing buzzing 5th string?

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Gabejohn_ - Posted - 01/29/2019:  14:23:12

So my fifth string has been buzzing when played open. I think it started doing this after I had the frets replaced and the guy adjusted some things for me.
I THINK the reason for the buzzing is that the neck isn't even with the tension hoop. I think just slightly leans to one side, making the fifth string closer to the fret board than the others strings. So today I took the strings off and loosened the coordinator rods so that I could try to align the neck correctly. I could push the neck to the correct position, but as soon as I let go it moved right back to were it was before. So I'm not really sure how to fix this problem.

I have attached a picture of the neck and tension hoop to show how it is not aligned evenly


steve davis - Posted - 01/29/2019:  14:46:12

A picture taken from the tailpiece to the peghead would show the rise and fall of the strings at the hoop.
Try tightening the co rods as you hold the neck in the right place.

beegee - Posted - 01/30/2019:  09:37:28

Does it only buzz at the open position?
If it does, check the depth of the slot in the 5th string nut(pip).

lightgauge - Posted - 01/30/2019:  12:42:54

I expect Beegee has the issue, being at the pip. Take your fingernail and push down on the string just in front of the pip to see if it stops the buzz.
It also appears the end of the fingerboard is against the hoop on the sides, accounting for the neck always going back to the same place. Is the neck tight against the tone ring or is it being held off by the fingerboard/hoop meeting first?

Mathews Fan - Posted - 01/30/2019:  12:55:49

From that pic. Your finger broad is up against your tension hoop? There should be a gap between the finger broad and hoop. Looks like it is pressing in to the hoop on the 5th string side. Change your 5th string. Maybe it is a bad string


Edited by - Mathews Fan on 01/30/2019 13:01:03

Aradobanjo - Posted - 01/30/2019:  13:12:53


A fifth string buzz after a string change can mean the pip is now higher than the fret. The tension hoop alignment is not related to the symptom.

The tension hoop is not fixed into a position. It can move when tightening the head. Check the hook alignment.

Look down the 3rd string for symmetry of the fretboard. That will identify if the hoop is out of kilter.

The Old Timer - Posted - 01/30/2019:  15:15:12

While I don't think your neck alignment is causing a 5th string buzz, I too had a conversion neck that seemed to naturally want to rock slightly off kilter, like it was rotated a degree or two to one side. There was enough "slop" in the lag bolt holes through the rim that I could manhandle the neck into proper alignment, and like in your case, it would rotate a degree or two "off" while I busied myself tightening up the co-ord rods.

As Mr. Davis suggested, I had to grip the neck with my left hand with the "claw of death" whilst I tightened up coord rod nuts with my right hand.

All this made no difference to sound, but I'm just OCD or feng shui sensitive enough to be be driven crazy by the tilted fingerboard.

Basically a tiny problem with lag bolt location/trueness in the new neck.

Unless the underside of your 5th string is rubbing on the top of the tension hoop, alignment is not the source of your buzz.

steve davis - Posted - 01/30/2019:  16:26:12

'Nother thought...sometimes pips fall out and get put back in 180degrees out with a down-sloping(toward the bridge) notch.

Ripped head?

Edited by - steve davis on 01/30/2019 16:27:57

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