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Poppymike - Posted - 01/29/2019:  06:52:49

Hello, I'm new to this site and banjo's and was looking for guidance/info.
I was given a pot with Remo weather king head and would like to piece together a instrument but ????.
Is a pot a pot so to speak? How do I determine the parts I need and what I can and can't do with it?

xnavyguy - Posted - 01/29/2019:  07:47:13

If the pot is intact with all the parts that hold the head on it, you will need a tailpiece on one side and a neck, with tuners, on the opposite side from the tailpiece. The number of strings you decide to use will determine what sort of neck & tailpiece. You will also need some sort of method to attach the neck & tailpiece. Finally, you will need a bridge, type determined by the number of strings, and a set of strings.

zz4350 - Posted - 01/29/2019:  07:59:16

Mike - There's not just "one size fits all" pots and on and on. It's not rocket science but you will have to spend some time figuring what you have and what you need to complete the project. This site is great for that but you will have to invest the time to research. A picture or two would help get some advise to start out. Good luck - Banjo Phil

Poppymike - Posted - 01/29/2019:  08:35:49

Thanks,took pic but cant figure out how to get it on here.that's my problem,I dont know what I have so cant figure out what I need. Is open back just without resonator or a different pot,how to tell?

eagleisland - Posted - 01/29/2019:  08:53:23

Most assuredly an open-back pot.


Images are a little dark so it's hard to tell, but that does appear to be of reasonable quality. You will need a neck (correctly fitted to the pot), coordinator rods, tailpiece, bridge and strings.

steve davis - Posted - 01/29/2019:  09:02:08

Necks are cut for different pot shapes so the neck's heel cut needs to match the pot shape.

Poppymike - Posted - 01/29/2019:  09:21:23

So,open back and resonator pots are different?
Anything special I need to account for if I buy a neck for it? Or do I just cut to fit?

steve davis - Posted - 01/29/2019:  10:07:02

StewMac used to cut 3 and plate,one-piece and open back.

Does Gold Tone sell necks cut for old timey/open back?Their ad shows only graphite necks for $450.

Saw a Golden Gate neck on Amazon for $61.

Edited by - steve davis on 01/29/2019 10:22:23

rcc56 - Posted - 01/29/2019:  11:56:05

Any pre-fabricated neck will require at least some fitting to the banjo pot.

Necks made for an open-back will have a different shape where the neck meets the pot than necks made for a resonator banjo. So a neck made for an open back will require a little less carpentry.

The Saga Golden Gate P-210 neck would be a good choice for your pot. It has the peghead cut to shape and has a fully fretted fingerboard installed. They can be bought for well under $100 new.

Along with tailpiece, hanger bolt, coordinator rods and nuts, fifth string nut, and bridge; you will also need a set of tuners and a can of varnish, lacquer, or whatever else you want to use as a finish. You may also need a truss rod cover, and a standard nut for the other four strings depending on what neck you order and whether those parts are included with it when they actually ship it.

RioStat - Posted - 01/29/2019:  12:21:28

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