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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Tb2 five string neck thickness ?

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Waltraud - Posted - 01/26/2019:  16:03:35

Hi everyone, I’m in the middle of a neck build and whilst I have another neck for reference and know that people ha e different preferences does anyone have a chart or list of suggested neck depths at different frets -eg 1/5/7/12 that you could share? By depth I mean front to back including fingerboard as opposed to the width of the board. Thanks.

Waltraud - Posted - 01/26/2019:  16:04:28


Bk2olKY - Posted - 01/26/2019:  17:05:42


PM Sent


maneckep - Posted - 01/26/2019:  17:29:38


I can't answer your question but I love the fact that you kept the original TB2 peghead shape and same inlays. That is what a TB2 conversion neck should look like!! Great job.


Ron Barnes - Posted - 01/26/2019:  18:59:57

Tim get in touch with Don Bryant here on the Hangout. He knows
quite a bit style 2 necks and has even built a few.

Ron B

spoonfed - Posted - 01/27/2019:  12:15:02

wow ! I have an almost identical neck to yours on my 28 TB2, Ron Coleman built mine and I could not be happier with it.

Waltraud - Posted - 02/02/2019:  09:18:58

Wow, lots of help, thank you all. I’ve read a lot of Don Bryant posts and looked at a lot of old pics of original and conversion necks, pots and parts. I was very luck to find an original pyramid ring . I’ve now cut the heel height to pre war dimensions and am thinking about stain and colour. As I’m a relative novice I will probably stick with medium brown tinted lacquer with amber stain underneath to get a not too dark tb2 amber/brown colour. I’m interested to know why some tb2s, not just Walnut ones were lighter and you can see the grain but so many are a darker tobacco brown type finish. ?

Waltraud - Posted - 02/02/2019:  15:44:30

Super helpful diagram here by Don Bryant, thanks Don !

bryantde - Posted - 02/02/2019:  15:52:56

Tim.....just an observation.....are you planning on mounting the neck with top of fingerboard higher than the top plane of head and tonering like in your pic above?
Don Bryant NC banjo luthier

Waltraud - Posted - 02/02/2019:  16:04:04

Hi Don, no this is a mock up whilst neck was too deep and not yet cut to fit flat side of the pot, what I’m aiming for is the fingerboard to be pretty close to the head height maybe a mm or so above. The main aim is for the pyramid ring to fit without needing any cutting around the coordinating rod ( god forbid) . As I don’t trust myself with the ring fit and lag bolts I have asked UK luthier David Stacey for help.

Waltraud - Posted - 02/02/2019:  16:05:02

NB I prefer the nex flange to diamond

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