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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: An Original Song

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davidcava - Posted - 01/23/2019:  08:55:12

I wanted to try to write something in the old style. I love ballads, and wrote this in the last hour and half. I know Eddy writes stuff everyday, and stuff we never get to hear.

When shooting stars are wished upon,

They will never let you down,

When my wish comes true, you'll be kissed upon,

Falling down from Heaven in my arms,


From Heaven,


From Heaven.


aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 01/23/2019:  09:04:15

I like that David. I'm studying for an exam and that was a nice pick me up.

davidcava - Posted - 01/23/2019:  09:13:33

Thanks Mike. What kind of exam are you studying for?

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 01/23/2019:  09:24:15

I'm a real estate inspector. Studying for my CEU credits (32 hours). I am a chronic procrastinator and my deadline is next Thursday. I enjoy learning and refreshing my memory on building construction but I'd much rather play banjo.

davidcava - Posted - 01/23/2019:  09:28:55

Good Luck

FlyinEagle - Posted - 01/23/2019:  19:20:39

That is very nice to listen to, David!

davidcava - Posted - 01/23/2019:  19:41:24

My Philadelphia brother Jeff!.....Thanks man

johnstephen - Posted - 01/27/2019:  08:06:57

Beautiful, David! I just discovered this posting. What a nice way to start a Sunday morning. It could have been written in the 1930s or had that classic vibe about it. I wish I could write like that.

What kind of strings are on that banjo? They have a really nice, relaxed sound, not to bright or shrill. Of course I'm sure your playing ability has a lot to do with that, but I'm curious about strings.

And congratulations again on a great tune.

davidcava - Posted - 01/27/2019:  09:22:18

Thanks John, inspiration struck and it sort of flowed out. I use thomastik on my tenors, but this vid was with it muted with a clip on bridge mute.

CGDA - Posted - 02/05/2019:  13:02:54

Hi David, your link send me to: "This video is not available". Did you remove it?

Thank you.sad

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 02/05/2019:  17:09:28

Marco, David has been sent to purgatory for (according to him) sharing his thoughts in some particular subject. Not sure how long the moderators kick you out. We may have to petition for leniency for him. You can contact him through his You Tube channel. I suggest we all subscribe to his channel. He has done so much for many of us I’m sure.

davidcava - Posted - 02/06/2019:  04:41:51

Hey you guys, yeah I was locked out for a week. Plain and Simple......I don't like todays "Politics", and if I have a wee bit, I get into conversations, which are illegal here. It was my own fault.
Keep it going!

Texasbanjo - Posted - 02/06/2019:  04:49:33


David, glad to see you back on the Hangout. You were missed.

yeoldbanjoguy - Posted - 02/07/2019:  09:06:06

Hey David! Good to see you back! I’ve just returned from my own lockout. Did you ever get a fix on that Bobby Vinton tune? ( blue in blue)


yeoldbanjoguy - Posted - 02/07/2019:  10:01:53

Sorry, blue on blue

hoodoo - Posted - 02/21/2019:  07:51:11

where did all of your videos go?

davidcava - Posted - 02/21/2019:  10:24:05

I have some on youtube.......Most of my vids I make private after awhile, because they are a learning tool for me, and mostly when I relisten, I don't like it anymore.

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