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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: strings replaced

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keith moore - Posted - 01/20/2019:  02:03:44

I have replaced my strings and tuned up my banjo But one string feels that it to slack But it is in the right key. But it does not sound and feels right can anyone give me an answer to what I can do to correct the problem thank you Keith

Banjo_Kevin - Posted - 01/20/2019:  03:10:01

Are you sure your not an octave off? If its slack, try taking it up a complete octave. For example, if its G,,,,, tighten it until you reach the next highest G

Edited by - Banjo_Kevin on 01/20/2019 03:12:47

banjered - Posted - 01/20/2019:  04:45:30

Sounds like you need a thicker gage string. Some banjos and some players are particular with what works satisfactorily. Lots of choices at or singles at Good Luck! banjered

G Edward Porgie - Posted - 01/20/2019:  14:48:48

I'd first try a heavier string. I've found that many "sets" seem uneven to me, and usually buy singles from Elderly.

pickin_fool - Posted - 01/20/2019:  15:50:33

a fairly common question/problem keith...judging from the number of posts you have made can we infer that you are a newbie to the world of the 5 string?...

i used to have a similar prob once in a while when i started too..its no big deal to fix...just offhand i would say the offending string is an octave too low..dont bother mixing and matching string gauges...if you are a novice i would reccomend medium gauge strings...

do you have a teacher?...a teacher can rectify the problem instantly...also dont be  embarassed or shy about bringing your instrument to a music store for tuning...(until you get your banjo sea legs anyway)..

once you are spot on your tuning,,,and the next time you do a string them one at a time...that should eliminate the confusion...

if i am not mistaken too there are a few sites online that play the exact pitches for each particular string...

once you are back in tune report back with a post describing your problem...

happy pickin...mike

keith moore - Posted - 01/21/2019:  02:35:45

Thank you all for the info I will try it out and if I still have the problem I will come back to you all thank Keith

keith moore - Posted - 01/27/2019:  04:44:49

I solved the with the string I got my self new strings but a different make everything is good happy playing again thank you all for all the help you gave me keith

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