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 Playing Advice: 4-String (Jazz, Blues & Other Trad Styles)

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davidcava - Posted - 01/10/2019:  08:34:44

One of Ellington's Masterpieces. Azalea



johnstephen - Posted - 01/10/2019:  08:49:06

That was beautiful, David! Great job banjo-wise and singing-wise. Just perfect. Both your voice and your banjo had a really nice mellow sound. I started learning this song last night and will see how far I get. Thanks for posting this.

davidcava - Posted - 01/10/2019:  08:52:14

Thank You John. This song is my new favorite, and I have you to Thank for it. Thanks man.

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 01/10/2019:  09:35:18

Everything John said! Very nice. The pace, warm feeling and space between notes. Makes me want to take a walk in the park. Puts me in a peaceful state of mind. Im going to listen to it a few more times.

davidcava - Posted - 01/10/2019:  09:53:14

Thanks Mike. I wouldn't have gotten it without Eddy and Conals version, and Eddys lead sheet of course.

johnstephen - Posted - 01/11/2019:  18:27:44

Well, I've been trying to follow David's lead and post an audio file of "Azalea," but I've been foiled at every turn. I tried recording it on my iPad, but that produces a w4a file (I think that's what it's called), which the Hangout doesn't work with. Then I tried recording it on my Android phone, but that produces an audio fle called "Gp" (I think), which also isn't compatible with the Hangout. Oh well...I'll see if I can figure out something else. It's such a beautiful song, I will post it eventually....I think....

Greenmeat - Posted - 01/11/2019:  19:33:12

Hey old Buddy -- You've become quite a "Harmony Master"! I think you're ready for the "BIG TIME". Now "All Too Soon" and be a "Duke Master". How about Billy Strayhorn? Eddy

Hey John I wish I could help, but Ruth bought me a little Kodak Video camera and all I do is push the remote on and off. Then the little card goes right in to the side of the computer and in it all goes. Lots of luck. Eddy

johnstephen - Posted - 01/11/2019:  20:02:48

Hopefully I figured this out. Recorded on my phone in mp3 format. You'll hear a few glaring errors in this but I thought I would go ahead and put this up because I'll be busy the next week or so, so this is about as good as it's gonna get. I love the song, and I'm trying to get the ol' banjo chops back after playing tenor guitar for the past few months. Here's where I'm at with "Azalea".Azalea

Edited by - johnstephen on 01/11/2019 20:05:12

johnstephen - Posted - 01/11/2019:  20:07:52

Well, that didn't seem to work either.

Greenmeat - Posted - 01/11/2019:  20:21:52

You and that Banjo sound GREAT -- and now you can put up more stuff. I'm looking forward to it. Eddy

johnstephen - Posted - 01/11/2019:  20:26:21

Thanks so much Eddy (and thanks for the lead sheet, too). It's such a great song, I'll keep working on it as soon as I get a chance.

Don Lewers - Posted - 01/11/2019:  20:47:07

John, it's crunch time for you ....... download AUDACITY, and your recording worries will all be behind you!. I was told about Audacity years ago, but was too staid in my ways to try it ..... I'm just so happy now, that I've got it at my disposal. It's simple to download Audacity, together with the Lame Encoder, and there's plenty of videos on YouTube, to help you on your way, to happy recording. ..... Don.  


John, I've just posted my reply and bingo, I've noticed that you've now successfully recorded your vid. well done!.  Have a look into Audacity anyway, it's a top recording site ...... if I can learn how to use it, anybody can!.

Edited by - Don Lewers on 01/11/2019 21:00:40

johnstephen - Posted - 01/11/2019:  21:00:30

Thanks Don, I'll check it out. I recorded "Azalea" using a phone app called Hi-Q MP3 Recorder.

CGDA - Posted - 01/12/2019:  02:34:18

David and John, thank you for sharing your nice jobs on"Azalea"!


davidcava - Posted - 01/12/2019:  06:04:24

John....that was awesome man! I like your harmonies better than mine. I'm going to steal some of your movements and chord ideas. Very Cool.


davidcava - Posted - 01/12/2019:  06:09:50

Eddy......Thank You Dad......I'm still working through your book, and although my harmonic freedom is getting a little better, I've a long way to go. If I can pick up a few local gigs, I'm a happy man.

Strayhorn.........from what I've heard, he was on par with Ellington, and perhaps even a little more sophisticated harmonically than Ellington?

I'm going to start work on All Too Soon next week, I'm on the road for a bit again. Hope all is well in the City, and Thanks for everything!


johnstephen - Posted - 01/12/2019:  07:51:20

Thanks Marco and David, I'm glad you liked it. And feel free to "poach" those harmonies, it makes me happy that you liked 'em. I also agree with your comment about Billy Strayhorn, David. Some of his harmonies were just beautiful, and different, really unique to him. I think he wrote or co-wrote "Lush Life," and the word lush certainly describes his harmonic sense.

parlour player - Posted - 01/12/2019:  15:46:56

David, Iam sure you can pickup a few gigs you are ready!

davidcava - Posted - 01/13/2019:  07:24:20

Thanks Jan, I do pick up some Jazz gigs now and then. For now, I'm happy with that.

davidcava - Posted - 01/13/2019:  07:31:22

This past summer, I listened this song almost constantly between everything else. As I'm sure you know, Strayhorn wrote this when he was 16 years old.........and about depth of lyrics and structure....... On the darker side of things, but wow........what a song. At some point I'm going to attempt it, but I think a person has to be in the right mindset.

johnstephen - Posted - 01/13/2019:  07:41:22

Fantastic song and fantastic singer, thanks for putting it up David. Those are some very very complex chords. I may join you in taking this on, but it would be a long-term project. It'll take awhile to "abstract" some of those chords to just four strings, but it would be fascinating (and challenging) to take on.

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