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 Playing Advice: 4-String (Jazz, Blues & Other Trad Styles)
 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Don't Be That Way

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CGDA - Posted - 01/06/2019:  09:31:56

Hi friends! I've just replaced the old strings of my Vox with a new set of Thomastik-Infeld. That's the first test. Sorry for the highly increasin' tempo...that's the backing swings anyway, IMO.


johnstephen - Posted - 01/06/2019:  10:03:53

It sure does swing, and so do you, Marco! Great playing. Thanks for posting this. I use T-I strings too. Do you like them, compared to other strings you have used?

CGDA - Posted - 01/06/2019:  11:15:52


Originally posted by johnstephen

It sure does swing, and so do you, Marco! Great playing. Thanks for posting this. I use T-I strings too. Do you like them, compared to other strings you have used?

John, thank you for your comment! I appreciate the T-I's  especially for the smooth surface, which does not produce noise by swiping the fingers up and down the keyboard. In addition  they do not rust easily. A and D have a nice crisp tone, G and C sound a little "soft", that is not a problem to me. These strings are sold up to ten times the others, but their life is longer.  Do you agree?

johnstephen - Posted - 01/06/2019:  11:22:09

I do indeed, Marco. I like the T-I's more than any other string I've tried. As you said, they feel smooth, and they also sound smooth to me. Mine have lasted a long time and they still sound good, so I believe they will last a long time yet. For me, the higher price is worth it. Also, I play double bass (contrabass) -- a set of strings for double bass costs about ten times more, so for me, T-I banjo strings don't seem costly.

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 01/06/2019:  11:36:39

Nice playing. Sounds great!

CGDA - Posted - 01/07/2019:  01:42:51

Mike Haggard, thank you!

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 01/07/2019:  04:08:08

Hey Marco,
I always enjoy your playing.
I especially wanted to thank you for introducing me to Choro music. I've been listening to it lately and really like it. I asked an acquaintance of mine (who happens to be from Brazil) if she was familiar with Choro music and her face lite up in surprised pleasure that someone living in Texas would be aware of this style of music. Her father happens to be a musician and talking about this brought back pleasant memories of him coming home after work and sitting around playing. I asked her if she knew Desifinado and she said it was her favorite song, so we are going to get together for a session. She has also sent me some other songs that I'm not familiar with.
The family in the video you posted happens to live nearby my friends' hometown.
So thanks again! Because of you I am now much closer to this family and I am grateful for that.

Don Lewers - Posted - 01/07/2019:  15:34:07

That's very enjoyable listening Marco. .... Don.

parlour player - Posted - 01/07/2019:  17:10:58




Greenmeat - Posted - 01/07/2019:  19:16:15

I love that Swingin'!!! Eddy Ray

Omeboy - Posted - 01/07/2019:  19:20:51

That looks like a sweet little Vega tenor. If I wasn't sooooo damn old, I be tempted to buy a plectrum version of that Vox I. ((One of my old tenor teachers, Roma Clayton, actually gave me her Vox I to play for a week when my crappy little tenor was in the shop for a repair. Can you imagine anyone being that kindhearted in this day and age???? Roma was a real angel and played nice tenor. Her hero was Stephane Grappelli, but my hero was Roma.))

Edited by - Omeboy on 01/07/2019 19:31:51

CGDA - Posted - 01/08/2019:  08:24:16

Mike, Don, Jan, Eddy, Paul, thank you for your comments!


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