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 Playing Advice: 4-String (Jazz, Blues & Other Trad Styles)

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davidcava - Posted - 12/31/2018:  20:12:36

Just listening to your great version of Cajun Fiddle Don. I've noticed this before, and I have a question for you. Your pick grip. Would you consider your pick attack to be unorthodox? The way your pick contacts the strings? It seems to be upside down in the way that may usually happen in the four string pick style. A curling of the wrist and fingers to get this reverse attack? How did this come about for you? was it a natural, or a conscious thing?

Don Lewers - Posted - 01/01/2019:  02:19:43

Dave, before replying to your topic, I've had to have a think about a response, 'cause I've been playin' this way for so long ....... it's all become second nature...... being a lateral thinker, my approach to playin' banjo playin' has changed somewhat, over time.

The style of Chet Atkins, and Tommy Emmanuel, have influenced my right hand technique f'sure, and that's still an ongoing work in progress!. My main aim, is to try and keep a tune flowing along, with the right hand both playin' the rhythm, and delivering a smooth melody line as well ..... working my plectrum, and fingers to achieve it, if at all possible.

Dave, rather than discuss my plectrum grip, I'm attaching my ''Washington Square'' lesson ...... it explains my grip pretty well, at about 3 minutes into the clip. The only part of the grip I left out unintentionally, was the angle that the plectrum strokes the strings, it's not square on, but at a slight angle, enabling the plectrum to glance off the strings a lot easier. Also I'm attaching a link to Tommy Emmanuel, explaining the boom chick style, that's if you're into boom chick like me!!!!. Good luck, Don.     Tommy Emmanuel

davidcava - Posted - 01/01/2019:  07:51:53

Thanks Don, for both clips. I've tried to copy your hand position before, and it's not an easy feat for me. Being a Bluegrass player, my right hand is trained for another position. I will continue to work on your position though, and hopefully, eventually be able to switch positions mid song.
Happy New Year my friend, Thanks always for your music!

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