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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: The real Eddy Davis (What I Am - What I Do) 1400 Utubes

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Greenmeat - Posted - 12/31/2018:  08:06:06

The Manhattan Minstrel (This is #1400 youtube on this channel for me - the 1st on the year 2019.) Eddy Davis playing and singing a Great "Dixieland Jazz" tune by Lil Hardin and Louis Armstrong. I think this represents the real me. This is "WHAT I AM" -- "WHAT I DO". Davis is playing on his Custom OME 12" head - 17 fret Tenor Banjo.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS to each and everyone of my BANJO FRIENDS. EDDY DAVIS (Only A Minstrel!!!)

davidcava - Posted - 12/31/2018:  08:56:12

I Love You Eddy. This video is why your my No. 1........nothing more can I say about that. Congrats on 1400, I've watched everyone of them, and hope you continue with them throughout 2019.

All The Best To You In The New Year Eddy.

Salute my Friend

Fathand - Posted - 12/31/2018:  09:19:16

Just lovely,

I have been working that up on 5 string for a while but not nearly so pretty.

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 01/01/2019:  07:23:04

I’m going to learn this tune Eddy. 1400 vids is an amazing feat in itself. I have learned much from your videos and not just about banjo playing. Keep up the good work.

MarcoA - Posted - 01/03/2019:  15:23:59

Great video! Happy new year Eddy!
What kind of bridge is on your banjo?

tommie81 - Posted - 01/04/2019:  14:38:36

All the very best to you for 2019. another GEM Eddy. You make it look easy this could fool none players. I hope they buy a tenor and have fun finding out ! regards tommie81

Greenmeat - Posted - 01/04/2019:  19:18:46

Hey about a BRIDGE. I have a Jimmie Farquart bridge -- BUT, When I do these u-tubes I want to match the volume of my voice -- so, I use a full MUTE covering the bridge. It's a black rubber sponge-like mute. It's a commercial product It's the shape and size of the bridge and slides down over it. Sometime this week I'll try to remember to take it off and show you all. It quiets the banjo down to match my voice. I use it a lot so I have a string that is fasten to my armrest that keeps it hanging around. Eddy

hobogal - Posted - 01/05/2019:  00:20:04

I am sure Eddy is responsible for a lot of people taking up the tenor banjo (including me). Thanks Eddy - I hope you keep posting and introducing us to more great songs/tunes in 2019.

Greenmeat - Posted - 01/05/2019:  05:33:51

Thanks so much for the kind words Carrie -- I'm really sorry we didn't meet at the Concert in London. I like you really enjoy the old "Jug Band Style" of music. Ikey Robinson is one of my BIG hero's on the banjo. When I first went into Chicago in the 1950's, he was playing (what was known as) "Cocktail Style Piano" in clubs on the South Side -- out where Louis and "King Oliver" made all that GREAT MUSIC! (And Miss Lil of course) Yes the Greatest Banjoists for me were Elmer Snowden, Johnny St. Cyr and Ikey with "The Rhythm Aces". It was one of the thrills of my life to in the 70's and 80's recreate Ikey's role with the great Trumpet Master Jabbo Smith.
Don't get me wrong I was well aware of John Calli - Paul Smith - Howdy Quicksell - Eddie Peabody - Perry Bechtell - Etc. AND the likes of Paul Buskirk and Buddy Lee, Clancy Hayes, Freddy Guy and the list goes on and on. Playing with my HERO's was HEAVEN for me. Well, here I go reminiscing again -- That's what happens when you grow old, If you've been as lucky as I have Been. So now I leave the future to the one's like you Carrie. Eddy (A Minstrel)

Ag_econ_man - Posted - 01/05/2019:  06:00:01

Happy New Year Eddy! Thanks for the all the videos you post. Your videos inspired me to learn tenor banjo, and mess with my tenor banjo more than my 5-string.

hobogal - Posted - 01/05/2019:  08:20:14

Hey, Eddy - yes, I love jugband and also ragtime music. There is a great video where you play 'Boodle Am Shake'. I also found an album Eddy Davis and the Hot Jazz Orchestra of Europe' where you play a great rendition of Joplin's 'Ragtime Dance'.

CGDA - Posted - 01/06/2019:  09:34:42

Hi Eddy, that's a great tribute to Pops, thak you for posting!!

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