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 Playing Advice: 4-String (Jazz, Blues & Other Trad Styles)
 ARCHIVED TOPIC: All those cool jazz chords

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malarz - Posted - 12/17/2018:  16:37:38

I’m trying to read along and play The Firehouse Jazz Band version of “Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans.” I’m stumped. Whaat’s a good way to make the F9 after the C? D9 after Am7? I know there is a basic moveable form for the 9th but making it seems to be cumbersome. Or, is it just me?



mmuussiiccaall - Posted - 12/17/2018:  18:35:33

Pick your poison here for D9 then move any D9 shape up three frets for F9.

mike gregory - Posted - 12/17/2018:  18:42:06

Here's a gal who knows how it feels to BE Miss New Orleans.

pearcemusic - Posted - 12/17/2018:  20:05:41

Am7 to D7(9)

7-5-5-5 to 4-5-5-7

that’s one way anyway

mmuussiiccaall - Posted - 12/17/2018:  20:55:39


Originally posted by pearcemusic

Am7 to D7(9)

7-5-5-5 to 4-5-5-7

that’s one way anyway

That would work for 5 string. BTW my PDF is mislabelled as diminished instead of D9th.

Edited by - mmuussiiccaall on 12/17/2018 21:02:09

malarz - Posted - 12/18/2018:  05:36:11

@mmuussiiccaall Thanks for that chart. I have a chart of moveable shapes but its not azs extensive as yours for the 9 chords.

I suppose many of those traditional tunes could be played without the 9ths and augmented and diminished chords but those chords give the tunes rich harmonies.


davidcava - Posted - 12/18/2018:  05:49:09

Are you trying to play chord solo Ken, or chord accompaniment? for this song.

malarz - Posted - 12/18/2018:  06:18:52

Good question, Dave. Chord accompaniment.

Leslie R - Posted - 12/18/2018:  06:49:05

Thanks for posting the chart.

It is labeled as Tenor Banjo. Is this correct ? If yes, the open strings are GDAE.

Is there a chart for 5 string banjo, in G ?


By chance, a little off topic perhaps, is there a chart like this for Open D tuning for guitar ? That would be way cool !

davidcava - Posted - 12/18/2018:  07:20:31

Here's a couple ways to hit it Ken. These different formations just take a little time to get under the fingers.

malarz - Posted - 12/18/2018:  07:26:59

Hey Dave, Thanks! When I get home tonight after work I’ll try it all again. As soon as I think I understand it better I’ll try to share a video.


chrisb5string - Posted - 12/18/2018:  08:01:10

quote :  David this is a great video...any chance you could kick one out for open G (5 string)?

Originally posted by davidcava

Here's a couple ways to hit it Ken. These different formations just take a little time to get under the fingers.


davidcava - Posted - 12/18/2018:  08:12:44

Hi Chris, I surely would, but I don't have a playable 5 string with me at the moment. It's all the same though. The thing to remember is the 3rd and 7th are the two important notes in any chord, and then you can add any extension you want. You can even leave out the 3rd in some of the wider extensions.

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