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 Playing Advice: 4-String (Jazz, Blues & Other Trad Styles)

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Don Lewers - Posted - 12/12/2018:  20:59:45

Playin' in jazz bands over past years, I've always had fond memories of pumpin' this ever popular tune out, it sure was a real crowd pleaser!.

Not the easiest tutorial I've put up, but with the Xmas holidays just around the corner, ya' might get a chance to give it a try. Lets get a groovin' with ''BTJ'' ........ Don......

davidcava - Posted - 12/12/2018:  21:29:33

I Love You Don......I'm going to work on this tomorrow my friend. I've had a splash....and I need a wink for now. I'll work tomorrow.


parlour player - Posted - 12/12/2018:  23:35:12

Thank you Don

I really enjoyed your Video about Ballin The Jack.

Don Lewers - Posted - 12/14/2018:  15:13:03

Thanks Dave and PP, glad you enjoyed BTJ. After posting the lead sheet above, I realized there's an important chord missing in the 2nd bar of the bottom line, it's the D7 on the second beat of that bar ..... I've highlighted it in this attached photo, taken from the ''firehousefivejazzfakebook'' ..... thought I'd better correct it, while the iron's still hot!. ..... Don.

Tractor1 - Posted - 01/16/2019:  10:15:57

 Thanks Don

I have been playing half of this for years,I did not know the intro belonged to it.It seems I have heard the intro before elsewhere


CGDA - Posted - 01/16/2019:  10:28:32

That's a so nice tutorial, Don!

Tractor1 - Posted - 01/16/2019:  12:29:05

while I am at it


Don Lewers - Posted - 01/16/2019:  15:52:17

Good on you Tom, glad I could help you out with the verse, and it's great to hear you givin' it a crack!.

There's been some beaut verses written over time, but unfortunately, they're left out of proceedings all too often, IMO..

Here's a link to ''Tuba Skinny'' playin' it down in the French Quarter in New Orleans, together with the verse ..... Don                                                      

Don Lewers - Posted - 01/16/2019:  20:15:37


Originally posted by CGDA

That's a so nice tutorial, Don!

That's a so a nice a comment Marco. Grazie il mio banjo che suona amico. ..... Don.

Remember pocket dynamo ''Brenda lee'' here's a link to her knockin' out BTJack. ....

Greenmeat - Posted - 01/17/2019:  01:51:01

Hey old buddy thanks for inviting me into your wonderful thread on "Ballin' The Jack" -- AND boy did you explain what Eddie Peabody was like when you spoke of the "Glissando". I remember the last time I saw Eddie, it was in Chicago at the "Empire Room" of the Palmer House Hotel. It was Eddie with about an 18 piece band. You are so right about his approach to the Banjo and his fabulous "Right Hand". It would slap like lightning. He would Glissando up and down and smack "ONE or whatever beat "Wham" right on the beat. He had a box wrapped in blue that put him up in the air about 4 or 5 feet off the floor. And he sat on top of that on a little 3 legged milking stool. He would jump up and down on that -- and what really sat off the crowd was, on the last chorus out of the song, his arrangements would have the band playing full out on the melody of the song and he would be jumping up in the air off that stool -- 3 or 4 feet in the air. It would bring chills up your spine every time. Eddie had a strange body which worked well on that little 3 leg stool. He had a long Trunk (body) and short legs, which fit that little stool. He was one of the best entertainers going. I wish you all could have seen and heard him. Those Were The Days My Friend!! Eddy Davis -- Here is my version of Don's song:

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 01/17/2019:  09:11:00

Don Lewers
Enjoyed your video of BTJ and especially the glissando explanation. I need to make an exercise for that and learn how to do it. It's a cool sound that I would like to incorporate into my playing.
You bring a wealth of experience to the table. I always learn something from you.

Don Lewers - Posted - 01/17/2019:  19:53:41

Eddy, your eyeball description of Eddy Peabody's live performance was magic ...... enjoyable reading ....... and thanks a lot for posting your spot on B. T. Jack YouTube tenor banjo clip, and supporting this topic. .... Don.

Mike, if you can take something out of my clips that's goin' to help your banjo playin', and put it into practice ..... then I'm as happy as you are! ...... Don.

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