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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Let's all play "Yardbird Suite" Tutoial

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Greenmeat - Posted - 12/06/2018:  15:56:12

The Manhattan Minstrel Eddy Davis playing a tune for all you "BEBOP" banjoists. Here's Charlie Parker's great little old tune "Yardbird Suite". All the young "Bopists" from today come from Charlie - What they don't remember is Charlie knew the stuff that came before "Charlie" and how he got there. Please enjoy. Davis is playing on his Custom OME 12" head - 17 fret Tenor Banjo.
Let's all play this fun little tune - I'll help if you ask? Eddy

davidcava - Posted - 12/06/2018:  16:31:38

I love you Eddy. You are such a generous soul.....and my teacher. I hope everyone will join in on this one.....5-4.....whatever.....what a lovely Christmas present. Thank You my Friend.


malarz - Posted - 12/06/2018:  16:40:20

Well, Sir, that is a masterful performance of a tune I’ve heard hundreds of times. Your analysis and breakdown of it has me hearing all of Charlie Parker’s musical influences. He really did know the jazz musical hsitory and you certainly know it,too.

Thanks, as always,, for so generously sharing your music with us.

When are you going to have a jazz banjo workshop in NYC? Jalopy Theatre in Brooklyn might be a good place to have it.


aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 12/06/2018:  17:29:37

Hey Eddy, awesome. Very nice. I will work on that. Thanks for putting that up.

Greenmeat - Posted - 12/06/2018:  18:41:35

Hey all, Conal and I plus Clarinetist Orange Kellin (from New Orleans) are off for the weekend in Tucson to play a Birthday party for the intellect Noam Chomsky. So I won't be on line for a few days. Woody said give Noam his best. I quote " One intellect to another". I hope some of you put up a video while I'm away. Eddy "A Minstrel"

davidcava - Posted - 12/07/2018:  10:10:39

Thanks for the lesson Eddy. Have a great trip!.......that is very exciting

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 12/07/2018:  14:06:11


davidcava - Posted - 12/08/2018:  15:12:57

Just relistening to your version are amazing my friend.

Hey, I hope you can tell us a little about your trip when you get back, and your impressions of Chomsky.


Omeboy - Posted - 12/10/2018:  15:03:08

An old friend of the four string corner did this stellar version a few years ago. I just had to post it because it doesn't get any better than this.

davidcava - Posted - 12/10/2018:  15:18:54

Yeaaah Paul, I remember this cut. Great version, the Bird would approve me thinks.

davidcava - Posted - 12/10/2018:  15:19:31

You ever try it on Plectrum Paul? I'd love to hear your version too my friend.

Omeboy - Posted - 12/10/2018:  16:25:13


It would be a real undertaking to try to get any where near what Laurence and Doub could do with it. They're many light years beyond my embryonic noodling. I'm better off just leaving the banjo in the case and daydreaming. Sure would like to hear you take this on the five string some time.

Edited by - Omeboy on 12/10/2018 16:26:01

davidcava - Posted - 12/10/2018:  16:32:39

I have rust on my 5 string Paul. Why would you want to sound anywhere near Laurence or Doub? Music is about individuality, and I'd love to hear your version. I love your music....outstanding. If we all sounded alike.....not that any of us do would be a damn boring place.

Omeboy - Posted - 12/11/2018:  09:30:13


I'm sorry to hear your 5-string has gotten rusty, especially with your talent and world class ability on that instrument: a gift that puts you in a small minority of extraordinary players IMO. I hope you'll rediscover the 5-string in a whole new light-----a light which you already possess.

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