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 Playing Advice: 4-String (Jazz, Blues & Other Trad Styles)

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davidcava - Posted - 12/04/2018:  10:46:55

The Prez playing Mean To Me. I think this was one of his last video performances, but man can he play.

Lester plays it in the Key of C by the way

davidcava - Posted - 12/04/2018:  10:51:11

Notice how Lester didn't like what the drummer was doing? Then the drummer changes his dynamics.....and wham....swing

CGDA - Posted - 12/04/2018:  11:55:50

David, I can't understand what Prez says at a point. Please, would you spell it? Thank you!

davidcava - Posted - 12/04/2018:  12:29:18

Marco, Lester had his own language......but I think he says something like.....chinchy poom, one second the drummer

CGDA - Posted - 12/05/2018:  02:41:56

Thank you for answering, David!

davidcava - Posted - 12/05/2018:  05:20:40

I'm just guessing though Marco.....but thats what it sounds like to me...

Hot Club Man - Posted - 12/05/2018:  15:34:59

On the subject of Lester Young: Where are the Lester Young's / Ben Webster's / Coleman Hawkins / Dexter Gordon's / Stan Getz's today? Very few of the guy's today who play sax or guitar have very little to say (musically). They may have great technique but there it ends. Those guys from the 'old school' said it all. We will be listening to those guys forever.

davidcava - Posted - 12/06/2018:  05:41:17

They're out there. The mainstream is not like it was, of course, but whenever a person gets into "Jazz", they've listened to these guys, and finding their own voices. The tv spots, and new recordings, are long gone, but they're out there.

FlyinEagle - Posted - 12/06/2018:  06:26:19

“A little chin-chy boom” is the rhythm he was asking for, I think. These cats were as cool as the other side of the pillow.

I know they’re still out there David, but they are even hard to find in the city. Only a couple of jazz clubs left here, and most of them aren’t truly jazz clubs.

davidcava - Posted - 12/06/2018:  07:52:43

What a shame Jeff, and in Philly no less. I think it will make a resurgence though, in time.

FlyinEagle - Posted - 12/06/2018:  08:44:57

I know, right. There is only one bar that I know of that still has an organ trio house band on Friday and Saturday nights. (Bob and Barbara’s). These guys were unbelievable…The Crowd Pleasers. They were in their 70’s when I first started going to see them about 15 years ago. They have died off and been replaced…not sure if there are any of the original guys left, it’s a couple years since I stopped in there. They aren't the same but they still have that B3-heavy sound.

Sorry, I’m drifting your thread, but here’s an article I just found from 1998 about the original band leader Nate Wiley.  It's sad to see guys like this gone.

davidcava - Posted - 12/06/2018:  14:00:09

Great article Jeff. I wish I could have heard them. I did find this very short clip.......mostly of the drummer.


davidcava - Posted - 12/06/2018:  14:51:42

One more clip.....Sonny on Lester......Sonny says....Lester's trajectory was straight up for the whole period of his life. A lot of people thought that Lester's music fell off in the late years, but this can't be true. His soul just changed.... from years of what he went through....and that my friends is what Jazz is all about.

Edited by - davidcava on 12/06/2018 14:56:07

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