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 Playing Advice: 4-String (Jazz, Blues & Other Trad Styles)

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davidcava - Posted - 11/08/2018:  06:04:44

Running through another favorite of mine this morning. One of the Prettiest songs ever written.

Have a Nice Day

malarz - Posted - 11/08/2018:  06:24:22

Thanks! Really a pretty tune. Of course, you should have segued into “Smoke on the Wate” but maybe another time!

davidcava - Posted - 11/08/2018:  06:35:56

Yeeeeah Ken....Smoke on the time!

RB-1 - Posted - 11/08/2018:  07:35:01


Originally posted by davidcava

Yeeeeah Ken....Smoke on the time!

You're so right, what a beautiful song.

Wonderfully played too, you got me completly dazzled by those super chords....

And, I honestly didn't have a clue you were such a great singer! yes

Fits the performance like a glove.

Such a coincidence:

Few years ago had a bit of fun, piling one instument upon the other in my home studio, with Smoke on the Water

malarz - Posted - 11/08/2018:  07:40:11

Good re-interpretation! I bet that tune could be reharmonized and then it truly would fit after Deep Purple.

davidcava - Posted - 11/08/2018:  07:45:02

Bruno! are you playing all the instruments? I love it, and I love you brother!

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 11/08/2018:  08:01:21

Very nice David! Love the space between the notes.

davidcava - Posted - 11/08/2018:  08:28:33

Thanks Mike.......I think I'm going to take Miles approach, and play less and less notes.

aintbrokejustbadlybent - Posted - 11/08/2018:  08:42:51

Chuckle chuckle!
I agree with the concept.
"Don't worry about playing a lot of notes. Just find one pretty one". Miles.
Lack of sustain with the banjo presents the challenge.
You are a very tasteful player David. I always look forward to your vids.
You either have a large reservoir of tunes tucked away or you are a good reader, or a great ear or.... I'm just a bit envious my friend. ;)

davidcava - Posted - 11/08/2018:  08:48:52

You have nothing to be envious about Mike...I know how you play! and I love it.

I'm a slow ears need work.....and I have about 300 songs in my rep....but I need to keep going over them.....lest I forget. I could probably only play half of right now, so I work on them everyday, when I can.

yeoldbanjoguy - Posted - 11/08/2018:  08:59:09

Way to go David! Love that sound.


DC5 - Posted - 11/08/2018:  09:25:02

Beautiful David, always one of my favorites.

johnstephen - Posted - 11/08/2018:  09:35:10

I agree with every one of those comments, David -- beautiful in every way! Chords, melody line, singing, everything was perfect. And I agree, Deep Purple is a really pretty song. I'll have to try working up that song, I don't think I've played it on banjo. My list of songs to try is already long, but I think I'll bump "Deep Purple" to the top of the list.

Fud - Posted - 11/08/2018:  09:37:12

Thanks, David. Sweet tune, lovely sound.


davidcava - Posted - 11/08/2018:  09:38:30

I'm putting that old Gibson together this morning Larry....but the nut may need replacing. Going to string it up soon.

davidcava - Posted - 11/08/2018:  09:40:08

Thanks for the nice comments you guys

RB-1 - Posted - 11/08/2018:  10:31:21


Originally posted by davidcava

Bruno! are you playing all the instruments? I love it, and I love you brother!

Guilty as charged....

Did you do any nut repairs before?

Because I think you should be able to make it all work again, replacement should be the very last resort

Only warning would be to be careful with CA, it's water thin and literally wicks everywhere. A tiny droplet would be all you'd need.

And be extremely careful with pearl dust, use a breather mask, it's supposed to be toxic.

Anyway, don't let my little fun project distract from the great rendition you put across.

KInd regards to one of my banjo heros,


davidcava - Posted - 11/08/2018:  10:49:29

I'm going to make a little vid right now and let you hear this Bruno.....I just got it strung up

davidcava - Posted - 11/08/2018:  11:18:04


CGDA - Posted - 11/08/2018:  12:45:51

That's simply wonderful, David!

davidcava - Posted - 11/08/2018:  12:52:19

Thanks Marco!

Fud - Posted - 11/08/2018:  12:53:45

Whoa! There's a big jump from those first photos back in April. Congratulations, David. That is one fine banjo, and she sounds terrific already. Here's a bit of geezerly advice: Don't hold back!


davidcava - Posted - 11/08/2018:  13:23:17

Thanks Larry, that is straight out of the gate. I haven't experimented with any setup tweaks yet, and as I said, I'll probably take it down to Mike Mumford. He's one hell of a nice guy, and setup Master, as well as being imo....the best overall 5 string banjoist in the World today.

I love the tones already! Thanks for your interest Larry.


RB-1 - Posted - 11/08/2018:  14:05:16

A quick word from me (almost bed time over here).

What an absolutely fantastic banjo! I can hear the low end -that supposedly shouldn't be in an archtop- from here....

1928... it's 90 years already, 9 years the senior of my -1

Good decision to have it set up if you're not 100% comfortable doing it yourself.

Curious what it will be like when completely done.

Time to hit the sack now, having a gig in Germany tomorrow.

GMB - Posted - 11/08/2018:  15:50:05

Thanks David. I enjoyed that very much!

davidcava - Posted - 11/08/2018:  16:08:52

Thanks Gerard! and Thank You Bruno. Actually I think the nut slots will have to come down! what string height over the the first fret are you running Bruno? Have a good gig tomorrow. Do you know Herbert?, the bluegrass tour manager from Germany? Just wondering how hes doing.... and Lilly? from czech republic. What band are you playing in now?

johnstephen - Posted - 11/19/2018:  22:29:29

David, it sounds like you did Deep Purple in B-flat, is that right? My chart for it is in F, and that's not a great key to combine melody and chords for that particular song on a tenor. Maybe I'll try it in B-flat as well.

davidcava - Posted - 11/20/2018:  05:27:29

I played the song in the key of F John. That's what is was in the lead sheet I had. I'll write the chords from it if you'd like. Such a pretty song.

malarz - Posted - 11/20/2018:  06:23:22


I’d appreciate the chord chart.



davidcava - Posted - 11/20/2018:  07:10:17

Ok Ken, I'll write them out this afternoon.

johnstephen - Posted - 11/20/2018:  07:40:23

OK thanks David, I'll stick with F then. I've got a chart for it and I'll keep plugging away. You did a beautiful job with it!

davidcava - Posted - 11/20/2018:  10:00:46

F / / / Cdim / / / Gm / / / C7 / / / F / / / Cm / / / D7 / Gdim / Fdim / D7 / Gm / / / Bbm / / / F / / / Ddim / / / C7 / / / / / Caug / F / / / C7 / / /

F / / / Cdim / / / Gm / / / C7 / / / F / / / Cm / / / D7 / Gdim / Fdim / D7 / Gm / / / Bbm / / / F / / / Fdim / / / Gm7 / / / C7 / / / F / / /

davidcava - Posted - 11/20/2018:  10:32:13

Here's a short vid on my take of these chords from the lead sheet I have. Thanks for the kind words John!

Chris Meakin - Posted - 11/20/2018:  13:08:59

That was great David - singing and playing.

malarz - Posted - 11/20/2018:  16:04:26


Thanks for the video clearly showing the fingering for the chords. Really helps! Being able to see how the fingers are placed on the fretboard gives me a clearer “diagram” and sense of the geography and movement of the chord shapes.


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