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 Playing Advice: 4-String (Jazz, Blues & Other Trad Styles)
 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Vanishing Rags

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Omeboy - Posted - 11/04/2018:  18:56:06

Here's what's kept me off the streets lately.  I thought maybe the five-stringers might like them, so I gave it a shot.


davidcava - Posted - 11/05/2018:  03:48:16

I don't play five string, but I really like that! Great play Paul....... you are the tremolo master.

Don Lewers - Posted - 11/05/2018:  13:25:53

Paul, these two rags are musically challenging big time! ...... your commitment, and tenacity, to get them up and running, is to be admired, well played bud. .... Don.

Omeboy - Posted - 11/06/2018:  14:00:00

Thanks Don. Thanks Dave. I should have gone over them a few more times, but I wanted to get them off the table. 

(Dave, your joke about the five-string threw me. Earl never touched one either.wink)

davidcava - Posted - 11/06/2018:  14:12:27


davidcava - Posted - 11/06/2018:  14:13:21

Complicated Music, I thought it sounded great. I couldn't do it.....that's for damn sure.

Omeboy - Posted - 11/06/2018:  14:34:13

In all honesty, Dave. I think you could do anything you wanted. And that's not as much a compliment as it is an obvious fact. I've heard your jazz approach to the five-string and you're in a select class that only a few aspire to------just a fact. I'd bet the farm you could play any rag to perfection on that instrument if you just wanted it enough. You may have heard Raymond McClain's 5-string version of Kitten. Its very laid back tempo conjures up a summers afternoon in the 1890s. @davidcava

Edited by - Omeboy on 11/06/2018 14:35:06

davidcava - Posted - 11/06/2018:  14:37:28

I've not heard it Paul, but I will definetly check it out. The thing about the four string is.........I don't have the accomplished right hand that you guys do. It took me years and years to get the three finger down, and I'm afraid there may not be enough time for me to do the same with Plectrum/tenor right hand/strumming technique.

davidcava - Posted - 11/06/2018:  15:00:37

I'm not 15 anymore, is all I'm when I started 5 string. I even have some arthritis......what the hell is up with that!

jazzbanjoman - Posted - 11/07/2018:  11:13:51

Paul, nice playing on the rags - these are not easy songs. I have found that Kitten on the Keys is really hard to play on the tenor banjo because you need to invert and stretch the fingerings to play the counter-moving harmonies (I think Zez Confrey (the composer) was influenced by Scott Joplin's rags). The best versions of this song on banjo that I have come across are the ones by Harry Reser and Ken Aoki. Harry played it on plectrum banjo on his 1950's album "Happy Days Are Here Again." Ken Aoki also plays this song on plectrum (a nice swinging version) that is on youtube and his CD recording.

Stephen DiBonaventura

Omeboy - Posted - 11/07/2018:  14:22:05

Thanks, Steve. These two played back to back make for a very good workout. Like most rags, the fingerings and cross-picking requirements set them apart from the standard fare. Great practice material. You're so right about Harry Reser and Ken Aoki: two constant sources of inspiration for anyone.


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