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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: What key is this tune?

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Savs - Posted - 11/02/2018:  20:26:52

Hi everyone,
I really like Bela Fleck’s “The Old Country”
Does anyone know how the banjo might be tuned for this ?
This is really ambitious for me, but I might like to try this one. Also, what style is this tune (in case anyone will ask me)

Mooooo - Posted - 11/02/2018:  20:47:17

It's probably tuned to open G. He's playing in the key of Cm and playing mostly single string...not too many open strings that would make an alternate tuning much easier. The style sounds classical to me. Maybe some special Eastern European type of melody, but that is just a guess. I would also be interested if anyone knows for sure what tuning he is actually using.

Edited by - Mooooo on 11/02/2018 20:49:49

Savs - Posted - 11/02/2018:  20:51:21

Thank you for your reply!

rbfour5 - Posted - 11/02/2018:  21:23:00

Depends on which recording you listen to; I have seen Bela play this in G, and tuned to low E. The first video is in E; the second is in G


klgera - Posted - 11/02/2018:  21:38:35

Are we talking about Bela's "Big Country? Or "Old Country"?

As Dean said, Big Country was played in E with the banjo tuned down to an open E chord. ( Now I hear him play it in G tuning.)

Also, I believe the song is a based on a song called Loch Lomond from the British Isles.

It is one of my favorites of Bela's tunes.


mmuussiiccaall - Posted - 11/02/2018:  21:45:37

C harmonic minor scale with natural 3rd sometimes used as a leading tone

rbfour5 - Posted - 11/02/2018:  22:07:57

My apologies- I mis-read it as “Old Country “......(old eyes lol!)

Mooooo - Posted - 11/02/2018:  22:16:30

Here's the tune I was commenting on. The Old Country - I can imagine some old Hungarians or Bulgarians dancing to this tune.

Edited by - Mooooo on 11/02/2018 22:17:37

Fathand - Posted - 11/03/2018:  08:44:28

Reminds me of Caravan which banjo players also tend to play in Cm.

I think I hear a low C note so may be in C tuning sometimes called Standard Tuning.

Edited by - Fathand on 11/03/2018 08:46:45

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