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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: When I use to sit in with Bobby Hackett - Davis

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Greenmeat - Posted - 08/03/2018:  18:59:26

"The Manhattan Minstrel" Eddy Davis playing his "MANDOLA" on a Mexican song from 1965 written as a Bolero by Alvaro Carrillo. Frank Sinatra's version with a Billy May arrangement turned it into a Jazz Standard. I use to go to the "Rainbow Room" in the Empire State building , along with my old buddy Bobby Gordon and "Sit In" with the great Bobby Hackett's Jazz Band. At that time this was one of his favorite songs. Davis is playing his "Flat Iron" Mandola.
For you who don't know a Mandola (in the Mandolin family) is tuned as a Viola or like a Tenor Banjo. If you are not familiar with Bobby Hackett please look him up. Eddy Davis

malarz - Posted - 08/04/2018:  00:53:28


Always a pleasure to hear you play. Thanks for being so very generous with your music.



banjopaolo - Posted - 08/04/2018:  08:19:01

Love it!

L50EF15 - Posted - 08/04/2018:  11:20:26

Nice! I like.

Don Lewers - Posted - 08/04/2018:  16:09:14

Soundin' sweet played on your Mandola Eddy, hearing the Mandola live, would likely sound even sweeter.

Sitting in with the likes of Bobby Hacketts band must have been a real buzz for ya,' treasured memories for sure.

A couple of days ago, I was trying to track down some photos of Borgy and Eunice, when they visited us in Brisbane back in the 90's ...... and I'm still searching. But what I did find, out of the blue, were some photos of the ''Noosa Jazz Party'' from back in the 90's that I never knew existed!.

The story behind the photo below, from how I recall it ...... Frank Johnson was taking you on a pub crawl up Hastings Street, and introducing you to all the fans at the various venues, and you turned up at a joint where I was playing banjo in a seven piece jazz band, and that's when I first met you ... you briefly sat in with us for a few tunes, and Frank insisted on featuring us both on banjo, we played ''Dinah.'' [I think]

From ''The Noosa Jazz Party''  one of my memorable, treasured, moments in time ........ Don.

Edited by - Don Lewers on 08/04/2018 16:16:37

L50EF15 - Posted - 08/04/2018:  16:44:36

Wow! Great find, Don.

davidcava - Posted - 08/05/2018:  07:54:56

What I would give to have had an ear on that Don. Great pic.

CGDA - Posted - 08/06/2018:  09:34:03

It's a pity it wasn't so easy to record something at the time, as we can do today with our smartphones.

Greenmeat - Posted - 08/16/2018:  09:43:50

Hey Don, my old friend. I remember that Noosa Festival. I think it was Graham's 80th birthday -- is that right? Johnny Sangster and Bret and lots of interesting guys. Everybody is gone but you and me I guess. I didn't carry a camera back then (like everybody does today). Sure would like to have some neat pictures. -- Like with Hackett -- Eubie Green the Tombone player that was on every recording in those days a 6 piece group opposite Bobby at that spot in the Empire State building. I remember he had a GREEN Trombone. Well old friend let's try to hang in there and of corse remember all those great old days. A Hillbilly by birth. Eddy

NYCJazz - Posted - 08/20/2018:  14:42:17

Never heard that wonderful tune before!

BTW the Rainbow Room is in Rockefeller Center, not the Empire State!
Have you been to the Rainbow since it was renovated?

Greenmeat - Posted - 08/20/2018:  16:05:14

Hey Nathan old buddy you are so right -- Sorry, I was talking about "The Riverboat Room" in the Empire State. Eddy Ray

NYCJazz - Posted - 08/23/2018:  06:38:54


I had never heard about that club so I did some research.
It was on the floor below street level in the Empire State?
I think know that space!

In the late 90's there was a Mexican restaurant called El Torito in the ESG at the Fifth Ave and 33rd st corner and they had a lower level that was largely unused. There were two pool tables down there that nobody seemed to know about, so it became a prime after work hangout spot for me and my buddies.

Does that sound like the same spot?

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