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 Playing Advice: 4-String (Jazz, Blues & Other Trad Styles)

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L50EF15 - Posted - 07/22/2018:  14:12:44

This is from last Sunday. In the moment improv on the tenor. Simultaneously scary and thrilling, but the key to free improv is acceptance of being “off”: As I said to a friend of mine the other night, own mistakes. Play it twice and it’s a pattern. Follow it wherever it may

davidcava - Posted - 07/22/2018:  15:53:15

Free as a bird Rudy yes

mike gregory - Posted - 07/22/2018:  16:19:49

Good for him!

L50EF15 - Posted - 07/22/2018:  16:48:42

I have been re-reading a favorite book, “The Freedom Principle: Jazz After 1958” by John Litweiler. It’s reinforced my determination to plow this furrow. This is pretty typical of what I do over the course of my regular Sunday afternoon gig.

Still not to my second year on banjo. I have lots of room to improve, but it’s fun.

Omeboy - Posted - 07/23/2018:  07:37:18

A mix of molecules:  "Rhythm Future" meets The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

L50EF15 - Posted - 07/23/2018:  11:16:54

Wow! Rosenberg is amazing. What a wonderful thing to hear.

Omeboy - Posted - 07/23/2018:  13:17:42

Rudy . . .

My line about mixed molecules is what I heard in your improv. I'm sure there's plenty more there than just what I heard. Here's a longer session with Stochelo and Romane you will no doubt enjoy and some great jazz bass too:

L50EF15 - Posted - 07/24/2018:  11:38:50

This morning I downloaded one of the Selmer #607 albums- happily, I have been feeding on Paul’s YouTube jazz manouche links. Had to get a bigger dose.

I come back to that earlier thread: The kinds of lines and phrasing used by Django and his successors just seems to fit the plectrum and tenor banjos very well. Time to do some more exploring on that front.

Omeboy - Posted - 07/24/2018:  12:26:40


If you've got room for one more, here's another killer session with Romane and Stochelo doing Minor Blues. Along about 4:26 on the time code, the boys turn up the tempo and smoke it to the close.

davidcava - Posted - 07/24/2018:  14:06:32

I wish Jimmy could have held it all together, because I really think he is no.2 to Django. What do you think Rudy, Paul? Maybe he will make a great comeback. Time will tell. He has such a tremendous feel.


Omeboy - Posted - 07/24/2018:  14:44:30

I hope Jimmy comes back stronger than ever and I think he will.
I tend to really favor Joscho Stephan as my favorite. And it's great to see that Frank Vignola has made a complete recovery from his tragic accident. Thank God he can play again.

davidcava - Posted - 07/24/2018:  15:04:55

I hear you Paul, I had heard that Frank is coming back into action. I love his playing so much.

As far as the Gypsy, it's Django, Jimmy, and the Rosenberg trio for me. So many wonderful players in the genre now.

Omeboy - Posted - 07/24/2018:  15:14:30

Biréli Lagrène


davidcava - Posted - 07/24/2018:  15:16:39

I had chance to play in France a couple of times, at Bluegrass festivals. But in some late night jams, I had opportunity to hear some amazing Gypsy players. Underground many tremendous players we never hear of. Very, very cool.

davidcava - Posted - 07/24/2018:  15:17:03

Bireli is a Monster!

davidcava - Posted - 07/24/2018:  15:23:19

Do these guys hear differently than we do Paul? Is it inborn? or can it be learned?

Omeboy - Posted - 07/24/2018:  15:57:05

Dave . .

I see it as a blending of an inherited great gift combined with apprenticeship. Like all great talent, it's God given and nurtured from early childhood---almost without exception. Skills and technique are handed down and preserved from one generation to the next. Every great player you can name started out the journey as a small child.  When you hear these guys play, you hear an entire lifetime of dedication behind every nuance.

Edited by - Omeboy on 07/24/2018 16:09:59

davidcava - Posted - 07/24/2018:  16:29:21

Well said. I like it.

L50EF15 - Posted - 07/24/2018:  18:11:05

All brilliant. To which I must add:

L50EF15 - Posted - 07/24/2018:  18:27:19 this supports the theory: Frank’s brilliance aside, check out what Josh Pinkham does on mandolin. I figure the same approach would work on tenor (given the parallel tuning especially) and plectrum: 

Omeboy - Posted - 07/24/2018:  18:38:41

Same guys with Joscho playing Flyswatter. Josh on mando is on fire again.

davidcava - Posted - 07/24/2018:  18:45:08

Damn Rudy.......That first clip was from the heart.........that's what I crave. I'm still listening, and will tune in the others.

Omeboy - Posted - 07/25/2018:  15:36:43

Just couldn't resist posting this version of "Rhythm Future" by the great master himself.

So here is Django joined by the great clarinetist, Hubert Rostaing on this classic.

haildixon - Posted - 07/25/2018:  16:55:46

did you just set up and record yourself playing banjo in a coffeeshop?

L50EF15 - Posted - 07/25/2018:  20:12:37

I convinced the management to let me do it awhile back. I’ve played there every Sunday for the past three years- initially on electric guitar, then acoustic guitar when I didn’t want to carry the amp.

When I took up the banjo a year and a half ago, I used that instead. The five string from October ‘16 to October ‘17 and the tenor since.

If folks walking by see me and that makes them curious enough to come in and buy something, mission accomplished. That happens often enough that I feel useful.

Omeboy - Posted - 08/09/2018:  19:33:51

For the handful of you out there who are Gypsy Jazz Guitar  lovers, you'll enjoy this.  It's Jimmy Rosenberg when he was only eleven years old already playing like he's got 40 years under his fingers. Just a little guy with a soaring colossal talent:

L50EF15 - Posted - 08/09/2018:  19:54:03

I have been listening heavily to Jimmy Rosenberg for the past two weeks; downloaded some of his stuff from iTunes. Phenomenal player, and from very young as this clip shows.

Omeboy - Posted - 08/12/2018:  07:40:23

Joscho and Stochelo burn it to the ground:                

After You've Gone:

 You can also catch them doing Coquette.

Duke And Dukies

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