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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Photos for a new book

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Leon Hunt - Posted - 07/20/2018:  04:04:21

Hi, I'm currently in the final stages of putting a new book together and urgently need some good quality photos (with the permission to use them). The book is a compilation of the techniques columns I wrote for Acoustic magazine over the past 10 years, some of which focus on the styles and history of particular banjo players. The artists I'm particularly interested in are:

Bill Keith

Earl Scruggs

JD Crowe

Pete Seeger

Bela Fleck

Ralph Stanley

Don Reno

John Hartford

Allen Shelton

Mumford and Sons

Barney McKenna

The photographers of any photos used will be fully credited and you'll also get a free copy of the book.

Thanks in advance


Edited by - Leon Hunt on 07/20/2018 04:05:02

haildixon - Posted - 07/20/2018:  08:28:26

you're looking for an awful lot of free photography...

RioStat - Posted - 07/20/2018:  10:55:41


Originally posted by haildixon

you're looking for an awful lot of free photography...

I don't think he's asking for professional photographers to submit work......more like he's looking for some Bluegrass Festivals / concert shots that people have taken in the past (or recently).

If I had any photos, I'd submit them. I've seen about half the pickers on that list, stood around campsites / parking lots with a couple of them......never thought to take pictures. This was back in the 70-80's....nobody had cell-phones with high quality cameras built actually had to carry a camera around with you!

haildixon - Posted - 07/25/2018:  01:46:36

I dunno.. If it were me and I'd put the effort into putting together a book that I intended on selling, I wouldn't be looking to fill it out with amateur cell-phone photos. And yeah, phone cameras are better than they used to be, but what looks good on Facebook doesn't necessarily look good in print.

Better off licensing some photos through a stock art site.

Leon Hunt - Posted - 07/25/2018:  02:59:13

Thanks for your concern regarding the potential commerciality of my forthcoming book. If you could point me in the direction of a 'stock art' site that has specific images of the artists I mentioned I'd be eternally grateful (and happy to pay).

mbuk06 - Posted - 07/25/2018:  03:13:10

I'm sure Leon is aware of the possibility to source and purchase from photo libraries. To me the clear and obvious positive in his request is less economy than that BHO is pretty much banjo-central and he is asking for input and including the community who will benefit from his book. Photos from other banjo players are more likely to have an intimate and personal touch - that adds warmth and visual interest to a project. No doubt he will credit the photographer because that's the sort of generous and decent person he is.

If I had the images Leon is hoping to find I would be delighted to share what I had and be a small part of his project. Another tip: it's always polite to google search first rather than launch into off-the-bat criticism; can I suggest you use the search term 'very talented banjo players' and you might also want to add another 'very' and 'non-American' and by doing so widen your banjo horizons...considerably.

My guess is that it will be a very informative and interesting book. Hopefully including some nice photos of banjo players.smiley

Edited by - mbuk06 on 07/25/2018 03:21:07

Staghorn5 - Posted - 07/28/2018:  05:54:43


Originally posted by haildixon

you're looking for an awful lot of free photography...

Learn to read.

Edited by - Staghorn5 on 07/28/2018 05:55:01

Laurence Diehl - Posted - 08/20/2018:  10:19:28

I have a shot of Bill and one of Ralph, both taken in the 70's. I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but I could provide a higher quality version if you are interested.

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