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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Looking for a teacher

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joeywendt - Posted - 05/12/2018:  06:16:44

Good morning, I am looking for a banjo teacher. I have a banjo that just sits there and would like to know how to tune, play and anything else that goes with banjo picking

thisoldman - Posted - 05/12/2018:  06:38:37

First, welcome to the Hangout. A couple of questions. What music do you like to listen to and want to learn how to play? What kind of banjo do you have? Do you know what style of playing you would like to try? If you can answer those questions, it will help other posters. And if you go to the "Learn" tab on the left side of this page, go to "find a teacher", check the appropriate boxes and you might find a teacher in your general location.  Mike Gregory, a member here and a regular poster, lives not too far from you and might be able to help you. 

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n1wr - Posted - 05/12/2018:  06:42:23

Jo-Ann: Welcome to the hangout. You need to decide what type of music you want to play. Is it Bluegrass, a style like Earl Scruggs played, or old time clawhammer style (both of them would require a five string banjo,), or four string tenor banjo (perhaps jazz style). You need to do a bit of homework regarding this before you go and try to find a teacher. Spend some time here on the hangout, listen t as much banjo music as you can, start to figure out where it is you want to go. Then start looking for a teacher.

Note - it is good that you are starting by nuderstanding that a teacher is important. Too many come here thinkig they will learn on their own, which is misguided.

Don't be afraid to ask questions - we're a friendly group.

Good luck.

bluegrassboy4life - Posted - 05/12/2018:  06:43:24

I was gonna recommend someone, but then I saw where you're located lol

hoodoo - Posted - 05/12/2018:  09:00:46

And heres the fun part. You may begin playing one style (lets say bluegrass) and discover along the way that youre enamored with some other style (ie, clawhammer) and want to learn everything that you can. Its great!!

biospan333 - Posted - 05/12/2018:  10:05:40

Jon Peik gives lessons in Harford, WI. about 30 miles from Jefferson.

biospan333 - Posted - 05/12/2018:  10:08:26

Sorry about the spelling. Jon Peik, Hartford, WI His email is

rockinstephen - Posted - 05/13/2018:  05:21:36

Someone at your local music store should be able to point you in the right direction...Good luck!

kmwaters - Posted - 05/14/2018:  08:50:29

Music stores are perhaps the best resource for this. But like Wayne says, you need to first decide what kind of music you want to play on your banjo. Certain teachers are better for certain styles.

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