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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: roll using the 5th string

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banjaroni - Posted - 04/28/2018:  04:30:35

I'm looking for a picking pattern,(roll), that uses the 5th string. I don't play scruggs style or clawhammer; but use a number of different picking patterns; maybe a folky style. It's all good, but when I play with other people and there are open spaces in a song where you can add a flavor to the song, I would like to get a roll that incorporates the 5th string. At those junctures in a song using all 5 strings fills out that space and gives it a fuller banjo sound than using a picking pattern of 4 strings. So I guess basically I'm just looking for a new roll, using the 5th string. thanks

jdeluke137 - Posted - 04/28/2018:  05:34:18

They all do. Check out Rick McKeon's site. He has a roll pattern PDF.


Old Hickory - Posted - 04/28/2018:  06:34:28

No disrespect or sarcasm intended, but if you can already do rolls, you can figure this out for yourself by experimenting.

Start with any roll you already do and change it by hitting the 5th string every time you use your thumb -- instead of whatever other string the thumb was hitting.

Next, simply begin any roll on 5th string with thumb and see what happens next. 

Look at the roll patterns in the Rick McKeon PDF suggested above and then change them to hit the 5th string more often.  Feel totally free to hit different strings than shown in Rick's patterns as long as you use the finger called for at any time.  Keep this in mind: rolls and roll patterns are defined more by the fingers you use and not the strings you hit.  This is not a hard and fast rule, just a generality.

Applying this to the Rick McKeon PDF, forward-reverse roll is T-I-M-T-M-I-T-M   not just or only 3-2-1-5-1-2-3-1.    5-3-1-5-1-3-5-1  is also forward-reverse roll. Not if it sounds any good, but it uses 5th string a lot.

thisoldman - Posted - 04/28/2018:  08:29:37

If you are playing some style of  fingerpicking, which I am implying, take a look at this for other ideas:  

banjaroni - Posted - 04/30/2018:  14:26:07

Thanks for the input; this is all good information and now I have something fun to work on.

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