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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Roll Pattern in Don't Cross the River

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wi_gardener - Posted - 09/07/2017:  18:32:02

I was wondering what the roll pattern was on the banjo in this video. It like a variant on the forward, but the video is blurry, glosses over the best part of the song, and while I can match the chords, I'm not getting the roll quite figured out on it. Gonna keep practicing at this, but I would still appreciate the advice.

Nick Danger - Posted - 09/07/2017:  23:03:54

This is my interpretation of the first four measures of the song.  See if it works for you...

And here's a link to the midi sound file that follows the tab note for note.;v=22686

Now that I hopefully got you pointed in the right direction, it'll be up to you to figure out the rest of the song.  Good luck and good picking!

Edited by - Nick Danger on 09/07/2017 23:18:14

wi_gardener - Posted - 09/08/2017:  06:30:39


Originally posted by Nick Danger


This is my interpretation of the first four measures of the song.  See if it works for you...

Thanks, I'll check it as soon as I can. Kind of unable to at the moment with noise restrictions in the apartment. :]

wi_gardener - Posted - 09/09/2017:  20:04:05

So far not working for me, but I'll keep tinkering. There's a chance I'm just not getting the rhythm down.

Nick Danger - Posted - 09/09/2017:  21:28:45

I reloaded a slower midi sound file that should help you with the rhythm of each measure;v=22686

Keep in mind that the FOURTH note in each measure is a QUARTER NOTE and has double the time value of the eighth notes.  That quarter note is what gives each measure a bouncy feel when played in the song.

As I stated earlier, keep listening to the midi sound file until you get the feel of the timing.  Good luck!

Nick Danger - Posted - 09/09/2017:  23:19:13

Oh, also, keep in mind that I'm providing you a simplified roll pattern that'll work with this song.  A note-by-note transcription of the actual playing takes hours and hours of slow and careful listening, then transcribing each note to a tab-writing program... which I'm not willing to do anymore (I'm too old and no longer have the energy for such endeavors).

dead  smiley

wi_gardener - Posted - 09/10/2017:  06:12:33

Thanks again for the assistance.

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