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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Dwight Diller Book Project: February 2016 Contest Question

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Brooklynbanjoboy - Posted - 02/14/2016:  07:10:15

As I promised, I’m offering blog-based tidbits on my book on Dwight Diller, now in production, entitled:


Dwight Diller: West Virginia Mountain Musician”


Here's the Blog for February 2016:


And I’m running a monthly contest: the winner gets a copy of Dwight’s Across the Yew Pines.


I have jotted down 12 questions about Dwight – his life, his work, his teaching.  December 2015 marks the third contest question.


I will offer up a question here, in this thread, once a month for a total of 12 months leading up to the publication of my book in 2016. 


I will send a copy of this DVD set to the first BHO member who posts the correct answer to the question in this thread


(I will follow up with a request for the member’s mailing address via a BHO personal message.) 


I see, from prior contests, that I need to start formulating slightly more difficult, arcane questions.  Here goes.   




Dwight placed 4th in the first banjo contest he entered at Hillsville, VA in June 1970.  Name one of the two tunes he played in that contest.


Enter your answer as a response to this thread please!



Watch this spot for the next question, probably about the middle of each month. 



Play hard,



Edited by - Brooklynbanjoboy on 02/14/2016 07:11:30

tjolson81 - Posted - 02/14/2016:  07:30:43

Arkansas Traveller?

janolov - Posted - 02/14/2016:  08:13:23

Sugar Babe?

Brooklynbanjoboy - Posted - 02/14/2016:  08:20:35

Jan, no, not Sugar Babe.

Todd, no, not Arkansas Traveller either - though that is the tune Dwight recalled that he played, but he recalled incorrectly.  I managed to track down an informal "field recording" of the contest that captured his two tunes.  Stick around I'll note the answer in a day or two, after a few more BHO'ers have had a crack at the question.  



dpalmer - Posted - 02/14/2016:  09:02:45

Say Old Man, Can You Play the Fiddle.

Strumelia - Posted - 02/14/2016:  09:12:25

Walkin in the Parlor ?

Brooklynbanjoboy - Posted - 02/14/2016:  11:13:27


Sorry Dan.Sorry Lisa. 




mojo_monk - Posted - 02/14/2016:  12:26:48

Shakin' Down the Acorns???



Bill Rogers - Posted - 02/14/2016:  13:53:04

Sandy Boys

Brooklynbanjoboy - Posted - 02/14/2016:  14:32:55

Hi Bill.  No, not Sandy Boys.

mpianalto - Posted - 02/14/2016:  16:40:18

Yew Piney Mountain?

Brooklynbanjoboy - Posted - 02/14/2016:  17:21:42

Matthew, no, not YPM.  



JanetB - Posted - 02/14/2016:  17:27:18

Cindy?  How many guesses are we allowed?  big

Brooklynbanjoboy - Posted - 02/14/2016:  17:28:16


no limit


Strumelia - Posted - 02/14/2016:  17:53:45

Rocky Top.



JanetB - Posted - 02/14/2016:  19:22:52


GreasyCreek - Posted - 02/14/2016:  19:34:47




June Apple. For extra credit, I guess the second tune was Sugar Hill.



Edited by - GreasyCreek on 02/14/2016 19:36:52

Brooklynbanjoboy - Posted - 02/15/2016:  00:48:06

Good morning, BHO citizens.


Thanks for participating in this month’s contest.


Here is the Answer:  Dwight played two tunes at the 1970 banjo competition in Hillsville, VA:


Old Folks Comin’ Down The Road


Soldier’s Joy


Source:  Audio Tape of competitions at the 11th Annual Old Time Fiddlers and Bluegrass Convention, June 1970, Hillsville, Virginia, provided by Kilby Spencer of Whitetop, Virginia on 18 December 2014 (Via Dropbox). 


Dwight took second place at the Hillsville competition.  He played two tunes, and while he remembered playing “Arkansas Traveller” in that contest, an audio tape that identified him as contestant number nine from Sally Holler, West Virginia showed that he played “Old Folks Comin’ Down the Road” and “Soldier’s Joy.”


At a later point in the audio tape, Dwight – mistakenly identified as Dwight “Deley” – played “Sixteen Horses Was My Team,” though the tune was identical to what he had played earlier on the tape, identified as “Old Folks Comin’ Down The Road.”


“Old Folks Comin’ Down The Road” sounds remarkably close to Angeline.


Tommy Thompson, identified by the announcer as contestant number eight from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, played “Devil on a Stump.”



None of the BHO citizens who entered scored right this month, but since I’m “budgeted” to give away one of these DVD sets each month between now and the date of publication in July, what I think I will do is offer the DVD set to Todd of Amesbury, MA.


Todd, if you’d like to claim your prize, please send me a PM via the BHO channel – I’m “brooklynbanjoboy” on BHO.


While Todd did not hit the nail on the head, at least he named the tune that Dwight  mistakenly recalled playing – until we managed to secure a copy of the tape of the competition that drove home the memory in a very welcome way, like an old friend returning home.


Hopefully, you’ll all be good sports and try again next month.  I appreciate your help with this.  Have a great Sunday.







Snowbird - Posted - 02/15/2016:  01:12:24

uggh i havent heard a rcording of Dwight playing either of those tunes. Is there a link to the field recordings?

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