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Bruntt le Pilgrim - Posted - 09/15/2015:  17:51:08

Merry Game of  ‘Guess the Name’ - The idea is, as I will explain. Think of a famous or a lesser popular person’s ‘first’ or ‘last’ name in the musical business or what you will, I'll start off with something fairly easy.

Krauss’  the following player has to come up with this person’s ‘first’ name.

I know this person’s name to be Alison – “Alison Krauss” Are you getting the idea?. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be the ‘exact’ person or their vocation the original poster was thinking about.

The following on poster who comes up with a checkable factual person’s ‘whole name’ answer, can then set the next ‘Guess the Name’ of their choice.

Please write alongside their country, present vocation or a past vocation, for ‘Alison Krauss’ I’d write perhaps musician/ singer. U.S.A.

I’ll set another one to completely start the game off.. ‘Shoemaker’ 


chuckv97 - Posted - 09/15/2015:  19:43:09

Willie , jockey, USA.               Next: Bailey

Edited by - chuckv97 on 09/15/2015 19:44:49


OM45GE - Posted - 09/16/2015:  03:17:04

Beetle, comic strip character. 


Bruntt le Pilgrim - Posted - 09/16/2015:  11:57:34

Shawn Colvin  - did i guess correctly? ....Next  Blackmon


OM45GE - Posted - 09/16/2015:  15:50:48

You did indeed

Justin - football player 

van Duser

chuckv97 - Posted - 09/16/2015:  18:39:38

Guy, fingerpicker extraordinaire,,USA (did a great tune called "Cindy and Norm" , a takeoff on "Windy and Warm")


OM45GE - Posted - 09/17/2015:  04:48:18

Right you are Chuck. His version of Stars and Stripes Forever has to be seen (not just heard) to be believed. He taught at a local music store for a while and I've met him a number of times. Nice guy (ha ha ).

Mitchell has to be Joni, she of angelic voice an innovative guitar. 


Bruntt le Pilgrim - Posted - 09/17/2015:  16:51:21

Larry   singing guitarist songwriter…

No wasn't' Justin Blackmon’ my pick was ‘Wil Blackmon’ –I got your ‘Shawn Colvin’ ‘cos I noticed she mentioned ‘Martin Guitar, you, in your many posts somewhere have mentioned ‘Martin’.was how I leant t’ward  ‘Shawn’. Now if you’d been more intuitive for your search you would have clued onto my 'Will Blackmon, 'born RI'... smiley  'Washington Redskins... Next: Allmond

OM45GE - Posted - 09/18/2015:  03:59:17

Good one.  I was looking for Robert Earl Keen or REK as he's also known as. Good buddy of Lyle Lovett and great singer songwriter in his own right. 

Allmond had me stumped. I was thinking you has misspelled the Allman brothers. I Googled it and found Marcel, a football player. I'm not a huge American football fan so those will usually be a problem for me. 

Here's an obscure one for you: Brautigan

Bruntt le Pilgrim - Posted - 09/18/2015:  05:22:24

I choose Ruby Allmond correct spelling..I couldn't locate a decent fiddle video of her playing, only one, but the old sound track playback was awful. this poignant video will do.  - -  However would that be Richard Brautigan Writer US ?      Next:  Igoe



Edited by - Bruntt le Pilgrim on 09/18/2015 05:29:51

chuckv97 - Posted - 09/20/2015:  00:06:50

Tommy Igoe,, drummer, bandleader.

Next: Bell

OM45GE - Posted - 09/23/2015:  10:02:26

Derek Bell, international racing driver?


chuckv97 - Posted - 09/24/2015:  17:09:48

Richard Kiley, actor


jistgreg - Posted - 09/25/2015:  00:04:30

Katy Perry, American singer, songwriter and actress (or should I be politically correct and say actor?) 



chuckv97 - Posted - 09/28/2015:  05:42:17

Autry ,,cowboy singer,actor,baseball team owner


Bruntt le Pilgrim - Posted - 10/01/2015:  04:35:19

Atkins? ~ popular country music stylist.


chuckv97 - Posted - 10/01/2015:  18:32:24

Roberta,, singer


Bruntt le Pilgrim - Posted - 10/04/2015:  17:23:07

Lou Reed ?.. songwriter guitarist.

next: Clayton

chuckv97 - Posted - 10/04/2015:  22:06:17

Delaney, character in a Tom T. Hall song


OM45GE - Posted - 10/05/2015:  03:49:42

Vincent, actor.  


Bruntt le Pilgrim - Posted - 10/07/2015:  14:51:31

Elaine Benes …from Seinfeld the sitcom?


chuckv97 - Posted - 10/07/2015:  15:01:40

John, manager of the Red Sox, recently undergoing cancer treatment - wishing him all the best.


OM45GE - Posted - 10/07/2015:  18:04:02

There are so many. I'll go with Roger 007. 

Bennett (not Tony)

chuckv97 - Posted - 10/07/2015:  18:19:55

I was thinking of Charlie Moore

Willie P Bennett, writer of "Music In Your Eyes" and "White Line" ,among others.

Edited by - chuckv97 on 10/07/2015 18:21:59


OM45GE - Posted - 10/07/2015:  18:20:59


Bruntt le Pilgrim - Posted - 10/11/2015:  07:19:38 Oops an entry?..

Originally posted by OM45GE




OM45GE - Posted - 10/11/2015:  10:05:43

No, just a chagrined response to my mistake. However, if it's an entry your want:


chuckv97 - Posted - 10/13/2015:  09:36:14

Colvin , singer/guitarist par excellence


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