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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Things I don't like that up-set me

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chuckv97 - Posted - 07/06/2014:  18:22:45

Drivers going the wrong way in a New England rotary

Raymond B - Posted - 07/07/2014:  06:58:49

drivers just going the wrong way

Rita - Posted - 07/07/2014:  09:10:06

Driving into a gas station, stepping out into a puddle of stinky fuel spillage that some jerk-off has left behind, plus driving in winter time with heater blower on it makes for a smelly ride home.

Edited by - Rita on 07/07/2014 09:11:38

Raymond B - Posted - 07/07/2014:  10:28:08

when theres something sticky on the #2 key at the ATM

chuckv97 - Posted - 07/07/2014:  10:37:37

When the ATM gives me half a twenty

MWBailey - Posted - 07/07/2014:  15:59:59

when I step in something stinky

Rita - Posted - 07/07/2014:  16:11:29

When I cannot figure out an anagram, when I was younger I thought it meant a telegram from Annie.

Raymond B - Posted - 07/08/2014:  07:31:09

thats funny rita. kind of like a telegram is a message from the teletubbys gramma

Rita - Posted - 07/08/2014:  11:19:46

Finding a postman's letter on my door mat and seeing as its not stuck down very well, has some person been reading my mail,and trying to reseal the envelope? I will carry out surveillance. I will keep a beady eye. 

Raymond B - Posted - 07/08/2014:  11:53:45

going to the store real early, figuring nobodys gonna be there, and your hairs sticking way up in the air, and you see the girl from work youre too shy to talk to.

chuckv97 - Posted - 07/08/2014:  12:30:17

Waking up on the front lawn after a night of revelry, and the cute girl from work walks by

Raymond B - Posted - 07/08/2014:  14:40:12

People who refuse to ever be wrong

Rita - Posted - 07/09/2014:  06:16:07

Hate people who always disagree with me, my point of view, pedantic folks who think unwisely.


MWBailey - Posted - 07/16/2014:  07:26:58


Originally posted by Raymond B

People who refuse to ever be wrong


People who won't let me be right ;) .

chuckv97 - Posted - 07/17/2014:  20:45:07

Weird people at WalMart who yell loud inanities while I'm testing the mattresses.

dat - Posted - 07/19/2014:  10:36:26

People at home depot who yell loud inanities when I'm testing the toilets for sale

chuckv97 - Posted - 07/19/2014:  15:09:41

People at Home Depot test riding toilets by flatulating with gleeful abandon

scaggs7 - Posted - 08/12/2014:  19:36:20

speeding ticket

chuckv97 - Posted - 08/13/2014:  18:21:58

an expired Ferris wheel ticket

Hankon5 - Posted - 08/13/2014:  18:49:02

Youngin's who are texting on the highway!!!!   Especially the female types.....oh oh..there, I said it!!!bigdevil

banjoman56 - Posted - 08/13/2014:  20:42:05

Stepping on someones discarded chewing gum.

banjoman56 - Posted - 08/13/2014:  20:45:53

Some hair brained female exclaiming "oh he wont bite, he's just a sweety pie," about 2 seconds before her mutt meets his teeth in your leg.

chuckv97 - Posted - 08/14/2014:  08:23:21

Yeah- people who say their ferocious looking dog is just a conversation starter

banjoscotty - Posted - 08/20/2014:  17:26:49

Plastic shopping bags

chuckv97 - Posted - 08/20/2014:  19:05:32

The New Jersey State bird ....... A plastic bag hanging off a tree branch

banjoscotty - Posted - 08/21/2014:  02:05:07

When I go for Dr.appt.and they pawn me of
on some assistant of his. I told them that I expect
to see the Dr who's name is on my insure card.

chuckv97 - Posted - 08/24/2014:  12:00:07

When my dentist says" Welcome to happy hour!"

banjoscotty - Posted - 09/20/2014:  03:58:26

When someone is playing their instrument too loud
and is drowning out the vocal. (Some people just don't get it)!

chuckv97 - Posted - 09/20/2014:  17:28:40

When the three banjo players at the jam all jump in to take the instrumental break,resulting in a torrent of chaotic notes

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