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Aitor - Posted - 01/13/2013:  13:55:16

Hello, many different banjo brands out there, but  the majority are made in China or Japan (if you are lucky), i wonder which brands and models are now selling banjos MADE IN USA??


Washburn is an american brand, but are made in China.



mbuk06 - Posted - 01/13/2013:  14:24:09

Deering. And a wonderful range of individual makers. Take a look at Craig Evan's (member name Frailin) recent dvd series of interviews with US banjo builders.

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JimHenry - Posted - 01/13/2013:  14:29:55

Ome in Boulder Colorado. They are above averge in price, but are wonderful instrucments. I have 2, both open back, but they make bluegrass models (resonators) too. I've never read anything negative on the Hangout about them.

5 String - Posted - 01/13/2013:  14:47:24


I have been playing Stelling banjos since 1981 (I currently own 2) and can't ever imagine playing or owning anything else.  IMHO the best banjo there is.


Edited by - 5 String on 01/13/2013 14:54:27

banjoman56 - Posted - 01/13/2013:  15:07:44

Sullivan, Stelling, Yates, Huber, bishline, Ome, Deering, Hatfield, Nechville and the Osbourne banjos are all made in the USA. I'm sure there's more, but these are all good banjos.

prewartb3 - Posted - 01/13/2013:  15:15:29

Kel Kroydon banjos. The question should be who makes a banjo all made in the USA not just an assembly of China or Japan parts

Aitor - Posted - 01/13/2013:  15:18:44


Originally posted by prewartb3

Kel Kroydon banjos. The question should be who makes a banjo all made in the USA not just an assembly of China or Japan parts

Yes, i mean that, BRANDS that makes and assembly banjos 100%  made in USA

gunnah - Posted - 01/13/2013:  15:25:26

don't forget stealth banjo's are made here in the usa

bartmcpherson - Posted - 01/13/2013:  15:34:07


I love my new Cimarron!

Lou Bourbon - Posted - 01/13/2013:  16:23:32


picknman - Posted - 01/13/2013:  16:29:46

I am wondering if there is a made in USA banjo that is currently being built using nothing but American made parts, or would this even be possible in todays world.

Doug J.


joeyd - Posted - 01/13/2013:  17:06:39

Jimmie Cox used to make all his own parts, not sure if he's still building. Ronnie Bales makes most of his own banjo parts, uses a Blaylock ring. He may be using some Prucha hardware but I'm not sure about that.

prewartb3 - Posted - 01/13/2013:  17:18:54

Only two I know of who build Gibson type bluegrass hardware & instruments in the USA are Jim Cox & Kel Kroydon. Help me out if I'm wrong here. A lot of builders use Prucha or RK hardware then call the banjo Made in USA. It would be good to define the real builders and assemblers from each other for the HO members. I'd like to know who they are.

PyrPups - Posted - 01/13/2013:  17:44:35

Except for the origin of the wood involved, in a Gibson type Bluegrass banjo, a Kel Kroydon with a set of Keith tuners is one of the closest you'll find to be American made, including the OPF and all the other hardware.

banjoman56 - Posted - 01/13/2013:  17:53:47

I think Sullivan banjos would be all USA made, unless the tailpiece is a Prusha made Presto. Bill Keith makes the tuners that they us on the V-35.

beegee - Posted - 01/14/2013:  07:08:09

Sullivan uses Prucha hardware, Czech-made. And I think some of their wood may come from Michigan which is a Canadian province, as everybody

banjo-gord - Posted - 01/14/2013:  09:28:45

Speaking of Canada, Romero and Rickard make most/all of the hardware for their banjos.

The Pope - Posted - 01/14/2013:  10:32:11


torpedo - Posted - 01/14/2013:  15:30:24

Let's not forget Frank Neat!

Muskrat - Posted - 01/16/2013:  01:50:50

Even Gibson mandolins of the 1920s had German made tuning pegs. As long as the banjo is put together by people who know what they are doing… that is the important thing.

Aitor - Posted - 01/16/2013:  09:27:13

Is Scott a complete made in USA banjo?


what about their quality and price???

NYCJazz - Posted - 01/16/2013:  09:54:55

Pre-war Gibson Mastertone banjos are still being made today...


... just not by Gibson!


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